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selling clothes on ebay

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jenk1 · 31/07/2005 15:55

i have tons of dd,s baby clothes, some designer some not, ive been thinking about selling them on ebay as i do buy her stuff from there but-is it worth is and do u make any money? also is it a lot of hassle for say 1.99 per item,anyone any experience?

OP posts:

fqueenzebra · 31/07/2005 16:38

i think it's loads of hassle, but other people will tell you different.

You could try selling at an NCT nearly new sale, if the clothes are for age under 6, simpler at least.


vickiyumyum · 31/07/2005 16:48

i thought that it was a load of hassle selling items sepeartley, so i will now sell as a bundle the chain store items, next, gap, mothercare etc and the more designer items, including monsoon and boden as well as dkny, diesel, cakewalk, miniman etc sell seperatley.

i have found that say you sell a t-shirt individually for £1.49 if you put five or six similar items all the same size and sell as a bundle then these make more per item usually selling for upwards of £15 plus p&p.


TwinSetAndPearls · 31/07/2005 18:07

I sell dd stuff on ebay, I sell designer stuff separately and stuff from next, gap etc in outfits, so say for example jeans, top and co ordinating jacket. I couldn't be bothered listing, photographing, answering queries, posting all for £1.99.

I do quite well and use the money from my paypal account to buy most of dd clothes and extra money for holidays.

I tend to make about £80 from liting about half a dozen items/outfits, and as they are all clothes that dd no longer uses it is all profit, minus posting and ebay fees.

Good photogrpahs are essential, when I have recieved disapointing bids my photo has nearly always been to blame. try and time your auctions to end when people are liely to be bidding as well, mid evening works well for me.


charleepeters · 31/07/2005 18:10

I would sell the stuff in lots, say about 5-10 things per lot then its easier to wrap and send, i also find people will buy lots of clothes at once rather than one thing.


bubblerock · 31/07/2005 18:42

Use Turbo Lister, it makes it easier to get everything up together in one place until you're ready to upload it to Ebay - I like mine to finish early evening during the week as more people are likely to be online.

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