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KemalsStilletto · 30/07/2005 20:23

Anyone else love Oilily? Their designs are so uniquue and colourful, although their prices are !!! I just LOVE them!!!

OP posts:
tigermoth · 30/07/2005 20:26

I love the fabrics but hate the styles

Pinotmum · 30/07/2005 20:49

I love SOME of it but hate the prices!

loulabelle222 · 31/07/2005 03:19

some of the girls stuff is nice i am not too keen on the boys stuff even though i bought my ds a beautiful pair of jeans and a green top with a frog on it!

helsi · 31/07/2005 03:21

never heard of them - sorry

KemalsStilletto · 31/07/2005 11:36

oilily website

I have to say i'm not too keen on the adults clothing, but the kids is gorgeous and really quite unusual sometimes. they used to have a shop here in manchester just with kids clothes in and it was wonderful. not sure if it still there now.

OP posts:
Nbg · 31/07/2005 11:38

How do you find out the prices?

Some of the stuff is gorgeous.

loulabelle222 · 31/07/2005 12:18

MIL said she used to buy some oilily stuff for dp when he was younger . she said she would pay £69 for a pair of jeans now. It is v expensive prob about £45 for a pair of jeans. some of it is hideous i think!

lemonice · 31/07/2005 12:26

What a bizarre website, I spent about five minutes on the intro...I like the clothes too, but they've always been really expensive here.

TwinSetAndPearls · 31/07/2005 18:02

I love them, have bought the odd bit in the sales and a few pieces on ebay.

Tanzie · 03/08/2005 20:29

DD2 has a lot of stuff from a company called "Cakewalk". I think they are linked to Oilily in some way - similar quirky styles. But v cheap from a shop in Brux that sells last season's designer stuff at rock bottom prices.

laughinglil · 19/08/2005 11:32

hello everyone just wondering if there was any where online that sells oilily? I have twins and last week managed to pick up 2 pairs of jeans in the sale reduced from £49.99 each to £7 each(this season as well!) and I am looking for the top to match. It is green with a frog on it. If anybody can help that will be great!

pinotgrigio · 20/08/2005 11:51

Hi Laughinglil, I think sell oilily and I would also check on Ebay (check US sites as well).

Good luck!

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