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is there anyone else.....

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KemalsStilletto · 30/07/2005 14:24

who can't afford to shop at places like monsoon and jigsaw and have to shop at stores like new look and mk one and george?

I see some of you telling you bought a nice dress from jigsaw for 50.00 and I think what?!?! Cor, you must be rich!!!

OP posts:

Yorkiegirl · 30/07/2005 14:27

Message withdrawn


Distel · 30/07/2005 14:28

I buy most of our clothes from George (me, dh and 3 children).

Can't even afford Monsoon in the sale!!!!


Pinotmum · 30/07/2005 14:29

Yeh me too! I love well designed, well made clothes but can't justify the expense and also I don't get to wear them as I have a uniform at work.


KemalsStilletto · 30/07/2005 14:31

the most I regularly pay anything for is maybe 14.99 for trousers or a nice top but that is rare....usually 4.00 for tops and trousers at george!

OP posts:

colditz · 30/07/2005 14:32

Here too. Asda or peacocks, and that's a rare one!


toothyboy · 30/07/2005 14:33

Buy most of my clothes from Tesco while doing the weekly shop!


spursmum · 30/07/2005 14:33

Im a single mum so can't justify paying a lot for clothes. My money is better spent somewhere else. But don't knock New Look, some of their stuff is great and has lasted me years!!!


KemalsStilletto · 30/07/2005 14:36

well, i'm glad i'm not the only one....felt like a pauper!

OP posts:

Distel · 30/07/2005 14:37

I feel like it is the running joke with my friends at ds's school that if anyone asks where I have bought an item of clothing, it will be Asda!


TwinSetAndPearls · 30/07/2005 19:16

I can't afford those prices so I buy second hand or make clothes.


Aragon · 30/07/2005 19:20

Apart from my bra and knickers - everything I am wearing today I bought in secondhand shops. DH has a bit of an e-bay habit which he stocks with stuff from secondhand shops (he does have a bit of an eye for a bargain I must say). Now when we're shopping alone we always end up poking round them for stuff he can sell and I poke round the clothing. Got a lovely "Ann Harvey" jersey top for £2.50 yesterday. . I love a bargain me.


nutcracker · 30/07/2005 19:29

Me me me, if it wern't for New Look and Mark One i'd have to walk round naked.


Blossomhill · 30/07/2005 19:32

Well I am a primark girl and proud


KemalsStilletto · 30/07/2005 20:22

I love Primark too but find their sizes are a little small as i'm a 20/22

OP posts:

jenk1 · 31/07/2005 15:57

no icant afford those prices, maybe in a sale every now and then. i buy a lot of my kids clothes from ebay and mine are form asda or second hand shops, now dh though he wouldnt have that, he has his from next!


sparklymieow · 31/07/2005 16:03

I have a pair of trousers on which costs me 4quid from a cheap shop and a top which cost me 3 from primark.........
Can't afford to shop in Monsoon or other expensive shops, eBay, primark and new look for me, oh and chartity shops


gscrym · 31/07/2005 16:10

Ethel Austin and Primark for me and DS. Dh is allergic to buying clothes unless it has something to do with diving.
Does anyone else remember the days when places like Top Shop, Bay Trading and Chelsea Girl (now River Island) used to be dead cheap. Then they got a bit expensive. God I'm such a cheap-skate.


emmatmg · 31/07/2005 16:58

I get my clothes in Asda, peacocks and twice yearly in the Next sale.

I loathe the idea of paying more than a few quid for a top and a tenner or so for trousers etc.


vickiyumyum · 31/07/2005 16:59

most of my clothes come from new look or mk one, but i do like to splash out each payday and buy soem nice things from monsoon, boden, and anywhere else really, its not the labels i look at just if i like it. regardless of where its from. the kids are better dressed than me am always picking them up lovely clothes from house of fraser, boden, monsoon, and some good bargains from ebay.
i wish i could say that i brought stuff from charity shopsbut the ones near us only seem to sell cheap, tatty clothes. the other day they had a primark t-shirt for sale for a fiver and it was only about £3 new!
dh on the otherhand, annoys me with his clothes as since i earn my own money and no longer ask him for money to go shopping, he thinks nothing of spending £90 on one t-shirt or £200 for Jeans

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