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Should I Buy These Boots?.......................................

32 replies

Fimbo · 28/07/2005 21:18


You can be as honest as you like.

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 30/07/2005 19:58

yes buy them and buy them quick i just ordered a pair so quick quick.

Whizzz · 30/07/2005 20:00

I like them !
And what a bargain !

nutcracker · 30/07/2005 20:21

Oh god, i want some.

Satine · 30/07/2005 20:35

What a bargain! Not sure about the heel myself, bit clumpy, but I bought a pair of knee length boots a couple of weeks ago to make a change from wellies in the autumn/winter (we live in the country) and already I've worn them several times and love them.

nutcracker · 30/07/2005 21:18

The only thing i'm not sure about is the toe shape, would they look clumpy ???

I would mostly wear them under jeans.

vickiyumyum · 01/08/2005 22:16

think that these type of boots look better with skirts than jeans as they can be bulky underneath, but then agin if your jeans are loose then will probably be ok.

Surfermum · 01/08/2005 22:42

Thanks for your link Fimbo. I had a peep at your boots and then found a pair of deck shoes for dh which I've ordered! I like the boots, the look v comfortable and practical.

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