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Where did you buy your maternity clothes?

18 replies

MrsDoolittle · 27/07/2005 16:05

Okay first time I was naive, I had no idea. I bought a couple of trousers from Mothercare and that was it.
I was a bit frumpy first time round.
This time I have Mumsnet and I am going to do it better. Where shall I go?

OP posts:

MaloryTowers · 27/07/2005 16:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hoxtonchick · 27/07/2005 16:06

isabella oliver, harry duley, noppies, h&m. i had rather a lot of clothes second time round...


MaloryTowers · 27/07/2005 16:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetheart · 27/07/2005 16:09

NEXT - they have some lovely maternity stuff in the sale.

Failing that there's:-

H&M, Dorethy Perkins, Topshop, Gap, Mothercare, Blooming Marvellous, JoJo Maman Bebe, Vertbaudet, Funmum, Argos Additions, Mamas and Papas, Ebay, John Lewis, House of Frazer


expatinscotland · 27/07/2005 16:10

I still haven't bought any. My mum sends them to me from the States.


heeheehaha · 27/07/2005 16:12

I would buy a few stylish maternity tops & wear hipsters. Maternity trousers add 2 dress sizes on top of bump size


MrsDoolittle · 27/07/2005 16:13

Now why couldn't I find any of those first time round?

OP posts:

MrsDoolittle · 27/07/2005 16:15

Who does the best trousers? The ones I had before kept falling down, they were driving me mad by the end.

OP posts:

sweetheart · 27/07/2005 16:16

I have 2 fav pairs of trousers - one from Next and one from Dorethy Perkins.


nailpolish · 27/07/2005 16:16

next have great stuff, fit well i thought, but i liked h & m a lot too


spidermama · 27/07/2005 16:16



TwinSetAndPearls · 27/07/2005 16:19

A few key pieces from formes (sp?) the best buy was a gorgeous swimsuit which I looked quite fabulous in, better in fact than i do now when dd is nearly 4.

Bought one of the capsule wardrobes in M and S and then added a few bits from dorothy perkins and henned.

Went to Florida at four months pregnant and bought loads as maternity wear doesn't seem to be more expensive over there. Including a lovely blue satin classically cut dress that I used for weddings and special occasions.


Miaou · 27/07/2005 16:48

I tried to be a little more stylish this time too, Mrs D! Most of my stuff has come from Ebay and mumsnetters, although I did buy a pair of jeans and a wrap top from Mothercare.

I found the trick is to wear things that cling to my bump rather than drape over it - don't feel quite so large then.

I've got a couple of long-sleeved tops and a couple of short-sleeved ones. I've also got a couple of cardis (not maternity) - last time I wore jumpers and I think they made me look bigger.

I also got quite a lot of trousers and jeans - the ones I have found the best are three pairs of linen drawstring trousers that Bubblerock gave me - they are not maternity but "expand" to fit! They have elastic in the waist too and they stay up much better than any other sort. I've got one pair of under-the-bump trousers which only fitted for a short time - they were either too big or too small and I missed my "window"!

I avoided dresses this time because I couldn't find anything that I felt wouldn't make me look like a tent - but you may find that places like isabella oliver and jojo maman bebe are a good bet for those.

Wrap tops are flattering too, but I can't wear my wrap top now as my bump is so big that it gapes round the bust (small bust).

HTH you.


beansontoast · 29/07/2005 14:50

just been to the harry duley website...yum


lunachic · 29/07/2005 14:55

next blooming marvellous jojo thgink dorothy perkins do some too and mothercare oh and george at asda


Chuffed · 29/07/2005 16:11

MrsD when you are in the states go to Pea in the pod here they are fab although a bit pricy at full prices but their sale stuff is great and is what lots of the stars wore like Kate Hudson etc. Motherhood over there is a sister company and has cheaper clothes that wear really well and you might find a few bits and pieces.


PeachyClair · 29/07/2005 17:10

H & M (FAb dress for a wedding, all floaty tropical chiffon), Mothercare, Vertbaudet


mandymac · 29/07/2005 17:42

Got brilliant pair of black hipsters & some combat trs from Topshop maternity range. Also a couple of lovely funky t-shirts. Also got some very stretchy V neck LS tops from H&M - not maternity, but lasted whole pregnancy, With a pair of next maternity jeans and a pack of their /t-shirts, I was sorted. Also searched my wardrobe and found other stuff that I could wear till quite late. Would also recommend getting a pair of Birkenstocks - so comfy esp if feet get fat (DH said mine looked like Ginsters cornish pastys by 9 months)!

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