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I thought a saw a new wax product being advertised

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dillydally · 26/07/2005 13:42

A sort of pink hot wax without strips.
This is what i have in the salon, so am intrigued..have you seen the advert / product?

OP posts:

Smurfgirl · 26/07/2005 15:15

Is it this ?


dillydally · 26/07/2005 15:19

It could be. hurrah.
It is out of stock but on special offer i see. have you used it?
I shall detour into boots on the way home.
Thank you.

OP posts:

Catsmother · 26/07/2005 16:11

I've bought 2 tubs of this from Boots but haven't used it yet. Am hoping it'll be easier to use than conventional warm wax and cotton strips ..... does anyone else find that you're never given enough strips in the pack and extra ones are almost impossible to find ?


flamesparrow · 26/07/2005 16:34

Oooh I saw that advertised too!!!

Catsmother - PLEASE can you use it tonight and report back before I go to shops tomorrow!


champs · 26/07/2005 19:42

please be careful when you use this. It can be very hot esp when heated in microwave.
In the salon this type of wax is called Hot wax where as the wax with strips is warm wax. The heaters used in salons keep the wax at correct temp.
I know I sound like a worry wart but have seen and heard too many horror stories using both types of home kits not to say anything.
It may also be worth looking into getting a wax heater to use at home. You can get some portable heaters for less than £20 with all the bits you need incl. toiletries and wax. Works out cheaper than buying these shop ones which dont always give desired results.

saying all that, please do let us know how you get on!!


Nbg · 26/07/2005 19:44

My SIL keeps raving on about Sugaring from the Body Shop.
Have you tried that dillydally?


Dior · 26/07/2005 19:55

Message withdrawn


ScrewballMuppet · 26/07/2005 20:01

Do these waxing/sugaring products work? I've bought quite a few over time and they are either too messy or just don't live up to the hype


Branster · 26/07/2005 20:11

Catsmother, I make my own strips from white cotton fabric which you can probably find in fabric shops (I have been doing it for years using some old 100% cotton bed sheets, just cut into strips)


champs · 26/07/2005 22:09

ScrewballMuppet -- I dont think they work well to tell you the truth.


Catsmother · 27/07/2005 15:56

FlameSparrow, sorry, but I need to "grow" my leg hair a bit more before I try this !!

Branster, I've tried old bits of cotton instead but found they're not as effective for me as the strips you get in the kit, as these tend to be much thicker. I have found extra strips in the Body Shop in the past but don't live very near BS so it's a bit of a pain to get hold of them.


flamesparrow · 27/07/2005 15:57

Awww poo...

Although thinking about it - waxing hurt 10 x more when I was pregnant last time, so think I'll leave it for 7 months or so...

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