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Any one no where to get long tops from - online, please

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jenkel · 23/07/2005 20:36

I'm quite tall and have a long back, also could do with losing a stone or 2. After having 2 kids I have a bit of a belly and I'm finding it really hard to find tops that cover my tummy up. Next is a complete no no for me, they stop just where you really dont want them to stop. Somewhere online would be brilliant if any of you have any ideas, I've had a look at Long Tall Sally and they just dont inspire me very much.

OP posts:

Smurfgirl · 23/07/2005 21:07

Dorothy Perkins has a Tall range and goes up to size 22. Topshop Topshop also has a Tall range that goes up to either a size 14 or 16. Evans (size 16+) has a tall range but in general I think their clothes are on the longer side anyway, they swamped me when I wore them.

M&S have a plus size range but its only for size 20 and up, but they look to be long. But in general I think M&S tops are long anyway.

I hope this helps


Smurfgirl · 23/07/2005 21:08

Pants none of the links worked, just google the shops

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