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What should a nanny wear?

18 replies

marypoppins · 21/07/2005 16:22

Hi, I am 28 with no children and going for an 'interview day' with a family for a job as a nanny. What do you suggest I wear?

OP posts:

flamesparrow · 21/07/2005 16:23

I'm never gonna be able to afford a nanny, but my gut after watching Supernanny... please don't wear red - very aggressive looking.


expatinscotland · 21/07/2005 16:24

A suit of armous


GhostofNatt · 21/07/2005 16:24

My best ever nanny actually came to work in very odd miniskirts but probably nto for the interview. I would say for an interview day the kind of casual clothes you would wear to do the job but perhaps your best and newest version? eg nice jeans and comfortable top / jumper???


QueenOfQuotes · 21/07/2005 16:24



GhostofNatt · 21/07/2005 16:26

Nothing to cleavage-y (although agaoin best ever nanny wore tops that could knock your eye out)...


flamesparrow · 21/07/2005 16:26

Depends if its just dad interviewing... then cleavage could help


GhostofNatt · 21/07/2005 16:27

Is it Jude LAw's job? you might want to wear a bikini...


Kayleigh · 21/07/2005 16:27

If it is an interview day and you are going to be playing with the children I would wear what you would wear for work. Jeans and a t-shirt or Jeans and a shirt ? Just make sure everything is clean (to start the day anyway!) and there are no holes in your socks in case you take your shoes off


marypoppins · 21/07/2005 16:36

Thanks. I was wondering whether to wear black trousers or jeans, also whether it is better to tie my hair up (it is shoulder length). The day is with the mother, who I haven't met yet, and her four v young children. Also, if you have any thoughts about how to make a good impression it would be useful.

OP posts:

Miaou · 21/07/2005 16:41

Deffo tie your hair back - it will show that you are practical and value being able to get down on the floor and devote your attention to your charges rather than your appearance


Fran1 · 21/07/2005 16:43

I'd go for the black trousers - look smart, but comfortable enough to be sitting on the floor and playing with children. Flat shoes though.


binkie · 21/07/2005 16:48

Off-putting things (in my opinion): high heels; masses of make-up; strong perfume (important one); long talony nails.

Appealing things: smiley face; clean brushed hair (and yes, tied back is best); comfy trousers & t-shirt that you can move in easily (ie don't reveal any tattoos when you get down to play). Shoes that you won't mind taking off if it's a no-shoes house.


bluebear · 21/07/2005 16:51

I would go for trousers and a comfortable top.

I interviewed a nanny recently who wore skin tight jeans and very high heeled shoes, also had very long painted nails - she didn't interact with the kids more than to say 'hello' to them and didn't seem to comfy sitting on a floor cushion - we have no sofa at the moment.
(She didn't get the job)


Skribble · 22/07/2005 01:54

I remember having this debate and ended up wearing a pair of my mums white trousers, for some strange reason I thought this was better than jeans?

I would go a little bit smarter than the clothes you would wear to work normally. Practical handbag nothing to girly.

PS Flame sparrow does red always look agressive? I love wearing red and have loads of shirts and tops in red . Mind you I was a strict nanny .


bobbybob · 22/07/2005 02:05

Remember to say hello to all of the children and tell them your name, and get down onto the floor if one of the kids tries to play with you (presuming they are little and play on the floor). Offer to take your shoes off. Whatever you decide on make sure you don't have butt cleavage if you sit on the floor.


Skribble · 22/07/2005 02:08

Oh yes watch out for peeking knickers, all the trousers now seem so low cut. If you don't have any that don't show knickers\ bum at least sit with back to wall .


bobbybob · 24/07/2005 07:35

How did it go?


Stilltrue · 26/07/2005 14:55

Agree with Binkie, and would add "not too much jewellery". The mother will want to see a well scrubbed, practically dressed prospective nanny, who is ready to engage with her children, not someone dressed to impress a boyfriend or about to go out with her girlfriends in all the latest gear.

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