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Next sale!

19 replies

dottee · 21/07/2005 10:37

Here's the link for womanswear pdf. for sale preview document. Happy shopping!

OP posts:

vickiyumyum · 21/07/2005 22:24

cheers for that. any one got the kids one and home???


MarsLady · 21/07/2005 22:36

I don't have any money. Stop tormenting me!


Nbg · 21/07/2005 22:39


Know how you feel.


marthamoo · 21/07/2005 22:39

Me neither, ML - am not going


batters · 22/07/2005 09:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loulabelle222 · 22/07/2005 09:29

i went last year to the lakeside next and there must of been about 400 people in the queue it was unbelievable! i couldn't be bothered with it! the couple next door are getting there for 4am tomorrow to wait!


vickiyumyum · 22/07/2005 16:39

i just can't help myself, i'm not actually keen on the clothes but still i am itching to go and spend money!!!


bubblerock · 23/07/2005 07:15

Has anyone been able to order online or by telephone this morning? Really miffed as I spent ages yesterday looked through the pdf and writting down all the codes, I can never manage to get on the debenhams sale either. All feels like a con to me


Kelly1978 · 23/07/2005 07:19

I've been . Got two big bags of stuff, one bag for the twins and one for the older two. Not too many logos netiher, I'm well chuffed!


jamboure · 23/07/2005 07:28

me neither

anyway the sizes are a bitneat too


bubblerock · 23/07/2005 07:38

I would go but I'd have to take DS2 and the buggy - would be a nightmare!


bubblerock · 23/07/2005 07:47

Yey!!! I got through and all items apart from one were available!!!! I did have two phones ringing them together though, but only took about 5 attempts like that


Fran1 · 23/07/2005 07:53

The website started off ok, but now has got so glitchy i've given up!


emmatmg · 23/07/2005 08:04

I'm in shock!

ordered some stuff the other day through my VIP call thingy, but trousers were too small so thought I'd ring on the off chance of getting through.

It took about 5-6 attempts and they answered, was only on hold for about a minute too.

Ok, the trousers were sold out but when I've tried calling before I've been on the line for up to 2 hrs trying to get through. I'm flabbergasted.

If the website is down, try phoning girls and just redial-repeat until you getthe ring tone


loulabelle222 · 23/07/2005 09:11

was it pathetically busy?


bubblerock · 23/07/2005 09:41

I still can't get the website at all, it just says please try again later.


Xena · 23/07/2005 09:49

I went and spent a fortune. But DH needed suits and he goes through them like anything, so getting them half price is a bonus. I also bought DS and the DD's Jeans, and DS shirts. I don't like the logos so just stick to the plain stuff. I don't buy myself anything as I find the ladies tops tend to shrink.


sparklymieow · 23/07/2005 10:17

I just ordered a metal four poster king size bed for our new house for 95pounds instead of 200. Misdee put it on her card for me and is going to store it in her loft till we move........


bubblerock · 25/07/2005 10:08

Some of my order arrived this morning!! V impressed - and they don't have the red blobs on the labels which is good as some are presents

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