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arm bumps

25 replies

mollymalloo · 21/07/2005 06:34

cant seem to get rid of pesky little bumps on upper arms. been doing the exfoliate moisturise and loads of water routine for months but they arrived with pregnancy and babba is now 9 months old. any ideas?

OP posts:

Carla · 21/07/2005 06:42

No, mm, but I'm had them since I was about 14 so I shall be watching this thread with interest! I try to get to know and love mine

A friend has them on her upper thighs, too, and her doctor recommended exfoliating. They didn't shift them for her, they didn't shift them for me, and it obviously hasn't worked for you, either

Pesky little blighters, aren't they?


mollymalloo · 21/07/2005 07:27

they are and i have to concentrate really hard at not picking and squeezing them which of course makes them look lovely!
sorry, not a nice thought at breakfast time!

OP posts:

WigWamBam · 21/07/2005 07:31

I've had them all my life, and my 4 year old dd has them too. I have never found anything to shift them, and I now completely ignore them. You get used to them after 40-odd years


Carla · 21/07/2005 07:42

What are they? Are they just blocked hair ducts?


Flossam · 21/07/2005 07:49

I used to get them after being covered up all winter. I always found that they vanished with a bit of sunlight though?


WigWamBam · 21/07/2005 07:58

I wish mine vanished with a bit of sunlight! They have been a permanent fixture since I was a child.


Carla · 21/07/2005 11:49

There's no way in this lifetime I'm going to expose my upper arms to the world!


nutcracker · 21/07/2005 11:51

I have them too, on the backs of my arms.


moondog · 21/07/2005 11:57

Carla,your friend went to the doctor about bumps on her thighs???!

(Sounds as pressing as my cousin's urgent need to consult her GP and ask for a referral to a dietician to discuss shifting her spare tie.
I could tell her for nothing. less.)


moondog · 21/07/2005 11:58

'tyre' obviously
(Sounded like one of those Guardian 'lost consonants' things.)


binkie · 21/07/2005 11:58

They're an excess production of keratin (stuff hair is made of) condition - think nearly half of people with caucasian type heritage have it. Exfoliate & moisturise is the only thing you can do. Also can show up as a sort of dusting of tiny dry bumps between eyebrows, which is what my ds has.

Here is a link .


okapi · 21/07/2005 11:58

Ive got them on one arm


WigWamBam · 21/07/2005 12:00

Exfoliate and moisturise doesn't work for me. Ignoring them does though


okapi · 21/07/2005 12:01

wearing sleeves does it for me WWB!


Carla · 21/07/2005 12:02

moondog, no, she did go to the docs for a very valid reason, she just thought she'd ask while she was there.


Carla · 21/07/2005 12:02

okapi, what do you do with one arm that you don't do with the other? Let's try and narrow this down!


WigWamBam · 21/07/2005 12:29

Yep, there's always the "wearing sleeves" option as well ... does the trick for me, too, okapi!


binkie · 21/07/2005 12:43

A waxing lady suggested using the Body Shop mitt-things - made of knitted rough nylon string - in the shower. Hasn't got rid of them, nothing could, but I tell myself they're not as bad. Think the only time they really seemed to go (for a bit) was after lots of sea-swimming.

So did nobody think the link was interesting? Am I a lonely medical nerd?


okapi · 21/07/2005 12:44

Carla - it's my left arm, so maybe it doesn't get used as much as the other as I'm right handed


phatcat · 21/07/2005 12:56

keratosis pilaris ?

Aveeno cream might help - it breaks down keratin.


Chuffed · 21/07/2005 13:03

I have these too and went to a dermatologist about it as I have really white skin they show up like a rash as they are redish. If I fake tan or have a little natural tan they aren't as obvious. They have recently finished some successful testing on I think it is a vitamin a cream that you can't use if ttc, carrying, bf so haven't been able to use it for 2years now but it did clear up a small patch on my arm.
It is one of those really common awful things.


spykid · 21/07/2005 13:04

Try dry skin body brushing, it cleared mine up


mollymalloo · 22/07/2005 18:53

skin brushing, theres a thought...cheers ladies x

OP posts:

anchovies · 22/07/2005 18:55

exfoliating makes mine worse, only thing that helps is moisturising continuously


biglips · 22/07/2005 19:36

molly - mine went like that too when i was pg and my baba is now 9 months old too... its started off that i had a permenant body heat rash as i was like a walking boiler as it was on my back and my arms but the rash is still there abit on my back but arm is the same and also got like tiny whitehead on some of them too... i havent tried anything yet..

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