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Need a good online men's clothing shop, sort of along the lines of the men's clothing dept of Selfridges.......

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Puff · 19/07/2005 20:35

That's where dh shops for work clothes, but hasn't got the time.

Any ideas?

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Puff · 19/07/2005 21:00


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Furball · 20/07/2005 10:25

I can only think of Debenhams, they do their own and the label stuff


Nbg · 20/07/2005 10:27

Second Debenhams.

Are you after designer gear?
If so I don't know whether Net-a-porter do mens clothes.


Puff · 20/07/2005 10:54

Thank you .

I'll have a look at net a porter too.

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