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What type of wedding dress?

9 replies

Lasvegas · 19/07/2005 14:49

I am having a blessing in a Catholic Church at the beginning of March at 3 pm. I want to wear a full length glitzy / sexy evening dress and a short fur cape for warmth. The main reception will be a black tie do in the evening and I want to stay in same dress for the whole day and night. Is this acceptable attire for a church? My church is very laid back by the way. I have also posted this under religion.

OP posts:

acnebride · 19/07/2005 14:51

In the etiquette area of my brain the thing that matters is covering your shoulders in a church. so with the cape should be fine?

Could check with the priest - I picked up some great gold material for my first wedding because a bride had been told she couldn't have a gold train by her CofE bishop so had to flog off the material.


bossykate · 19/07/2005 15:10

i think it will be fine if your shoulders are covered.


CiaoLeo · 20/07/2005 13:14

Go for it LasVegas, i'm sure you'll look fantastic, and have a lovely day!


HandbagAddiction · 20/07/2005 13:19

Having to have covered shoulders is a myth. I know of several people who have marreid in catholic churches with strapless dresses and no wraps. I also married in a CofE church in a strapless dress and no wrap.

Basic etiquette may 'recommend' covering your shoulders but there's no real rule as such unless your particular vicar or priest has a particular strong view. I would speak to your vicar/priest and ask for his guidance/thoughts just to be sure.


Tommy · 20/07/2005 13:36

It's not a myth handbag - it's just mostly ignored by brides IME!!!
I would think a cape would be lovely and very suitable for church. I had a stole which was stitched on for the church bit and then came off and went round my arms IYSWIM for the rest of the day.


HandbagAddiction · 20/07/2005 13:43

Fair enough Tommy - thanks for the correction. Guess I'm abit confused though about why it's not enforced more if it really is frowned upon - particularly when in my case, I did actually ask the vicar if it would be OK?


Tommy · 20/07/2005 14:01

I think it's one of those things which is done so often it has now become "OK".
Personally, I don't like it but that's just me - I am turning into Ann Widdicombe in my old age.....


HandbagAddiction · 20/07/2005 14:06

Scary thought Tommy!!


PeachyClair · 20/07/2005 14:55

I got married in March. The cape sounds fine, and I would go for that as I chose a coat / dress combo (dark greay coz of post baby fat!), and BAKED! It was 11th March and boy, was it hot!

I know one c of E Vicar who is very funny about shoulders, I would cut my losses and give the Priest a ring- so much easier in the long run!
Don't offend the Priest if you can help, it , it's not really fair, but most are lovely and happy to see you married in your choice.

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