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Monsoon Online - How quick do they deliver ?

3 replies

NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:27

Hoping that I can get my sale order (ordered online 5 mins ago) here before I go on holiday early Monday morning. Would need to be here by Saturday then, do you reckon I stand a half decent chance ?

OP posts:

NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:32

No-one ?

OP posts:

NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:42

says 3-5 days so should be lucky. Fingers crossed

OP posts:

vickiyumyum · 19/07/2005 17:43

should be ok, i orderd a top last week on the monday and it came on thursday, so even allowing an extra day because of the sale should still be ok for saturday.

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