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Will you spend £31,000 on SHOES in your lifetime?????

26 replies

Tinker · 19/07/2005 11:21


Madness! I'm a pair of shoes until they're worn out kind of gal. Shoe obsessives, what am I missing?

OP posts:

QueenOfQuotes · 19/07/2005 11:24

same here - can't imagine spending that much - once they're worn out I replace them, never have 2 pairs of the same 'type' (ie trainers, sandals, 'smart' etc etc) on the go at any one time


NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 11:25

Absolutely. I'm a shoe lover, have about 19/20 pairs, would loooove to expand my collection.


jessicaandbumpsmummy · 19/07/2005 11:25

Thats just a silyl amount of money! Im not a big shoe girl, but my SIL has over 100 pairs - whats the point?! You only have one pair of feet!

I have 1 pair of trainers, 2 pairs of sandals, i pair of flip flops for the beach and my good old comfy "driving" shoes! I think i have a smart black pair upstairs for special occasions and that is it!


novadandypowder · 19/07/2005 11:43

My current shoe collection must be worth over £5000, so i can appreciate that it would amout to that much over a lifetime


lemonice · 19/07/2005 11:47

err no, I buy a pair of shoes once or twice a year for between 7.00 and 30.00 depending on the sales...


QueenOfQuotes · 19/07/2005 11:48

Those with large shoe collections - how often do you wear them all? Are there some that you've worn once and never worn since? Are there some that you were very frequently???

I just don't see the point - a couple of carefully selected shoes will go with most 'outfits'.........


dinosaur · 19/07/2005 11:51

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 11:51

I admit that I do stick to core selection of about 7 of the pairs 90% of the time, and I do have shoes that I have never worn and pairs that I have worn less than a handful of times. I don't smoke or gamble and I drink rarely, so shoes are my vice, I figure I'm allowed one


QueenOfQuotes · 19/07/2005 11:52

never worn at all now that is shocking LOL


lemonice · 19/07/2005 11:53

I don't spend more than 300.00 a year on clothes though


sweetmonkey · 19/07/2005 11:57

I have about 80 pairs and have about 10 pairs that ive never worn , although this summer i have made a conscious effort to wear the ones that dont get much use alot more
shoes and bags are def my thing , have about 80 bags too


Tinker · 19/07/2005 12:06

Shoes just don't do it for me. This is what I could never relate to in SATC

OP posts:

sansouci · 19/07/2005 12:07

Certainly not! Hate high heels... instruments of torture.


WideWebWitch · 19/07/2005 12:17

Trying to think how many shoes I have
1 pumps, 2 Birkenstock types, 1 slingbacks, 1 boots, 1 walking boots, 1 trainers, 1 high see through cut out wedges, 3 pairs of 3/4" work high hells, so that's 11 pairs, 7 of which bought this year, value approx £600? odd, quick guess, some cheap, some, like the boots £100 or more. So yes, I guess I will spend £30k or more if you consider past and future purchases but I don't consider myself someone that interested in shoes, not in a S&TC way.


sansouci · 19/07/2005 12:18

"High Hells"! perfect.


tortoiseshell · 19/07/2005 12:19

I spend about £30 on shoes in a year, so I guess I will spend about £2k on shoes in a lifetime


Nightynight · 19/07/2005 12:22

I hope not!!


fisil · 19/07/2005 12:30

OMG! I came on here to have a shoe moan, actually. Ds1 has gone up a size. We found this out 2 weeks ago and are still on the trail for the one pair of shoes in the vicinity in his size. I have just tracked them down in John Lewis' (where we started our search 2 weeks ago). I came on here to sound off because I rang up to ask if they had any shoes at all in his size. They said I'd get a call back later. When the woman called back she started describing to me in intimate detail the different styles that go up to his width and down to his length (short fat feet, hate them). I asked if they were in stock in his size, and she said that I first had to choose which style. Twice I had to explain to her that there was no use me chosing a style cos they'd only have one in stock, if any. Eventually she went off to look in the store cupboard. She rang me back later to say "oh, we only have one pair in the store in his size". Well, there's a shock. And she then went on to describe AGAIN what they looked like. I'd already told her twice that I had never had a choice of styles for ds1's shoes (or mine, for that matter) and that I always just had to take the only pair that fitted him, usually after several weeks of searching. But she carried on.

So yes, I have no idea about this whole enjoying shoe buying business. For me it has always been torture. I buy a proper pair of work shoes (black leather) about once every four years for c. £50 and otherwise I wear my beloved Birkenstocks which I've had for 5 years now and which have hardly any sole left (dp's getting me a new pair to celebrate the birth of ds2!)


lemonice · 19/07/2005 12:31

assuming that you would be in the top tax bracket how much gross would you have earnt just to buy shoes???at that rate


MarsLady · 19/07/2005 12:32

Probably on the brood. Just off to buy summer sandals for the kids.

Probably not on me But should an incredibly rich, unknown relly pop off.... who knows......................


sansouci · 19/07/2005 12:34

ha! Marsy, was just thinking, yeah i'd defo spend that kind of money on the kids.


oliveoil · 19/07/2005 12:37

easily spend that, without even going mad. Are we talking from say aged 20 to 70? 50 years = £620 a year. Not a lot.

Even less when you realise that after a certain age you are talking orthopedic (sp?) numbers for your bunions etc.

I don't wear heels as I am giraffe like as it is, but spend £150 on boots, or at least £70 on decent winter shoes. Sandals about £50 ish.

Don't even get me going on bags....


snafu · 19/07/2005 12:50

I love shoes and bags but never spend money on them. I wear the ones I've got until they fall apart. I just like to look at them in shop windows

So no, I would never be able to spend £31,000 on shoes in my lifetime, even if I lived to be 150. I think £620 per year is a hell of a lot of money to spend on shoes, but I'd love to be able to.


dyzzidi · 19/07/2005 12:56

I do spend a fortune on shoes and my DP buys me them as gifts when he works overseas. I am probably halfway to my limit already and am only 27


almostanangel · 19/07/2005 13:00

handbags yes! not shoes tho am a barefootangel

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