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MONSOON sale starts today!!!

19 replies

Lucycat · 19/07/2005 09:47

Just thought I'd remind people! I just wish it came before the Boden sale....... too much stuff to buy, not enough money.....

OP posts:

anorak · 19/07/2005 09:49

Thanks Lucycat. I'd been wondering when! I have £110 vouchers saved up as my DH always gives them to me for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines...

see you later, I'm off...xx


vickiyumyum · 19/07/2005 10:23

have been online and purchsed jeans for the ds's. but all that i wanted is out of stock or not in the sale!!!


alittlebitshy · 19/07/2005 10:32

oh knickers. got a lovely posh outfit on saturday. oh well, maybe it won't be in sale. won't look else i'll feel all cross.


Lucycat · 19/07/2005 13:20

For those of you planning weddings look at the Bridal stuff
Kiri bridal dress was £200 now £60!!
Grace bridal bolero was £125 now £37.50!!

wow think I might do it all over again! (to same dh of course!)

OP posts:

NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:20



NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:21

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ! Saved £20 on the skirt I wanted


NomDePlume · 19/07/2005 13:23

How quickly does Monsoon online stuff arrive ?


anorak · 19/07/2005 15:02

Just been but did not buy. A few items I did like but need the incentive to diet and then spend the vouchers.

Winter stuff is 70% off, lovely cashemere jumpers and ponchos. Also lovely jeans for £35. And tops, skirts and posh dresses galore.


meggymoo · 19/07/2005 15:06

Message withdrawn


Marie12 · 19/07/2005 15:41

when does the NEXT sale start


fifilala · 19/07/2005 16:32

Next starts on saturday


jenk1 · 01/08/2005 12:44

i got an absolute bargain im sooo pleased, rosie posie embroidered top and matching trousers for only £15.00, whats makes it extra special is my daughters name is Rosie!, cant wait for new stuff to go online, anyone know when that will roughly be?


jenk1 · 01/08/2005 17:29

bump-anyone know?


vickiyumyum · 01/08/2005 17:44

there is some new stuff online already, but can only vouch for womenswear and boys as these are the only sections i buy from.


jenk1 · 01/08/2005 20:16

awwwh i cant see anything new online,only sale stuff,can anyone do a link for me?


vickiyumyum · 01/08/2005 20:34

this took me to the girls daywear page and as far as i could see no sale items on it.



vickiyumyum · 01/08/2005 20:35

oops only took me to the homepage. if you click on the children link above the picture and then on girls and then on daywear etc should take you to non sale items.


Magscat · 01/08/2005 20:37

Can anyone say what the sizing is like ? DD has one dress from there 6-12m. She is only just 7m and 'average' weight but it fits her now - can't see it fitting in another month never mind 4 or 5.

Do their sizes always come up small/skinny fit ?


vickiyumyum · 01/08/2005 20:39

yep there clothes always come up small. ds2 is 3.5 but usually wears age 4-5 clothes as he is very tall, but in monsoon,tops he wears age 6-8!!
but 3-4 in the trousers as they are long.
i know that only helps witht eh tops, as you have a dd, but just thought that it illustrtaes how small the clothes come up.
which i find strange a sthe womens clothes come up big, which is why i like shopping there!

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