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Anyone think gypsy skirts are awful?

16 replies

DionneUK · 19/07/2005 09:40


OP posts:

almostanangel · 19/07/2005 09:41

i dont think they suit everyone thats for sure


spykid · 19/07/2005 09:42

think thyey are lovely and always have!!!
just think its a shame every tom dick and shazzy is wearing a whit e one with a circle belt slung so low you can see their pubes!!!!!!!!


assumedname · 19/07/2005 09:42

No. I loved this sort of style first time round with the indian beady type ones.

At least they're long enough for me!


Branster · 19/07/2005 11:03

I do. partly because everyone is wearing exactly the same and it does not suit all. I think they should eb more fluid, like realy gypsies skirts are, with more movement.


TwinSetAndPearls · 19/07/2005 11:13

I love mine butI absolutely refuse to wear one of those disk belts. I do agree that some people do look daft in them, especially when they are fitted around the stomach/hips area and flare out but the wearer has bought a size to small.

My problem is that they are all a bit too long I am only five foot two and m always tripping up in mine, I ahve put my foot through my brown one I don;t know how many times, always having to fix it in the evening.


expatinscotland · 19/07/2005 11:13

Yes. They are dire.


Listmaker · 19/07/2005 11:16

I like them because they are long and I hate my legs!!


SleepyJess · 19/07/2005 11:18

I like them. Nice and cool and practical, and cover my fat legs! Very versatile too. Am wearing one.. with 'one of those belts' as we speak.

We can't all be trend setters I think its great that something is 'in' this year that I don't look ridiculous in! (Well I don't think I do.. reading the thread maybe I do.. who knows!)

What with this thread and the one which suggests that its ridiculous to call your sons 'wee man' 'little man' etc.. it just goes to show that at some point, we should all stop caring what other people think!

SJ x


WigWamBam · 19/07/2005 11:19

Hear, hear, SJ.


gingerbear · 19/07/2005 11:23

I am wearing one sans belt right now - because I am in dire need of a good leg wax!


jolou1 · 19/07/2005 11:26

Thing is though, they're soooo popular now, can we get away with wearing them again next year? Or will they go the way of the poncho and end up on the sale rail?


SleepyJess · 19/07/2005 11:28

Everybody slagged off ponchos on here too... I just laughed as I sat here wearing mine! LOL!


Flossam · 19/07/2005 11:28

But the poncho was always just going to be a mistake wasn't it? I love my skirt, although I don't wear with any belt so perhaps I may pass!


SleepyJess · 19/07/2005 11:30

Must admit I haven't worn my poncho in a while.. but I loved it.. it is beige and cream and brown. It 'went' with lots of stuff in my wardrobe. DD still wears hers and look sweet.. but then she is 6!


Nightynight · 19/07/2005 12:14

yes, any skirt that covers my legs is good in my book too.


noddyholder · 19/07/2005 12:17

They are everywhere and are the skirt equivalent of the poncho You can get some lovely ones though and they do look better on some people than others As for the belts!

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