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Cheap and cheerful tank tops?

26 replies

NotQuiteCockney · 15/07/2005 22:22

I need to buy some tank tops, I am boiling! I want 100% cotton or nearly. Bright colours, maybe? Wide straps, so I can hope my bra straps won't show. Not short.

I'd rather they were cheap, although I guess they don't have to be.

Save me trolling around looking - tell me where to go!

OP posts:

Yorkiegirl · 15/07/2005 22:23

Message withdrawn


Micku5 · 15/07/2005 22:26

I saw some in Primark... can't remember how much they were though.


expatinscotland · 15/07/2005 22:27



kikidee · 15/07/2005 22:33

What about Top Shop's vests with the thick straps? A girl I work with wears them over shirts as proper tank tops and they look great but are also good on their own.


marthamoo · 15/07/2005 22:49

By tank tops do you mean vest tops? I have boought several in Dorothy Perkins this year (a fiver each). Scoop necks, wide enough straps that your bra doesn't show, fab.


gingerbear · 15/07/2005 22:52

Tank tops - I always think of Father Dougal


marthamoo · 15/07/2005 22:52

Me too, gingerbear


expatinscotland · 15/07/2005 22:53

Aye, they're vest tops.

I only sleep in them - I'd get arrested for being offensive in public if I wore them outside the house.


colditz · 15/07/2005 22:54

Go to Peacocks, they have them in all different colours and sizes. don't tumble dry well, but they are very cheap.


CarolinaMoon · 15/07/2005 22:55

tesco. 3 quid each. they are fab and nice adn long.


NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2005 08:08

What does tank top mean in this country? I think we'd call them tank tops back home - I mean a sleeveless shirt with scoop neck. Not quite a strappy top, as I want to at least pretend my bra straps aren't showing ...

Lots of these sound great. I'll figure out where I can get to easily this weekend. I don't tumble dry things, so I don't care about that part. Oh, and I'm probably an 18 these days, I don't think Top Shop go that big do they?

It'll probably be Dotty P or Tesco, I can find those. (I'm curious about Matalan, but I think they're all only accessible by car ...) Hmm, or New Look or Peacocks.

Is Primark the one that you keep reading about in fashion pages, but it's dead cheap? I think there's one in Hackney.

OP posts:

CiaoLeoCiaoOllie · 16/07/2005 12:00

Primark/J.C. Penneys in Ireland - 2.50 for plain ones!!! They are about 4.00 for ones with patterns and sequins on and go up to size 20/22.

By 'tank top' do u mean something of this description?


NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2005 12:01

Yeah, that's the sort of thing I mean. A sleeveless tshirt, essentially.


OP posts:

CiaoLeoCiaoOllie · 16/07/2005 12:48

That one is only 6.00 and it's Red Herring at Debenhams! I found it on the debenhams website.


CiaoLeoCiaoOllie · 16/07/2005 12:49

Ooooohhhh....and George @ asda too! I got a gorgeous lemon v-neck one for 2.50!!! The have loads and really great quality too!


hunkermunker · 16/07/2005 12:53

Tank top in this country - well, to me, it means an old man jumper - a sleeveless one, probably with a high synthetic material content in brown or mustard, v-necked too


NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2005 15:52

See, we'd call those vests, or sweater-vests - we also call your waistcoats (what a funny word!), vests. And what you call vests, we call undershirts. And don't even get me started on dungarees, jumpers and pinafores! (Or suspenders!)

What would British people call these things, these sleeveless t-shirt type things. Like vests, but worn on the outside, in a casual sort of way?

OP posts:

hoxtonchick · 16/07/2005 15:55

primark, definitely. and they go up to an 18. there is one in hackney nqc, just past m&s on the narrow-way.


NomDePlume · 16/07/2005 15:57

I'd call them vests. Whether worn as underwear or as outerwear.

Debenhams have a big range

M&S one with thick straps and secret support so no need for bra!

M&S one with thin straps and secret support


NotQuiteCockney · 16/07/2005 16:01

Hmm, secret support will be good when I'm not breastfeeding, but not so good now. (I actually have a couple of thin strap ones with amusing Mardi Gras style breastfeeding access things, but they're a bit scary.)

And I suspect thin straps with wide shoulders isn't a good look, is it? Dainty clothes look funny on me.

OP posts:

colditz · 16/07/2005 16:16


Underwear = vest.
Outerwear = vest top.
Wooley-and-on-top-of-other-clothes = tank top.
Sleeveless-and-opens-at-the-front = waistcoat.

It can be regional though.


lunachic · 16/07/2005 16:19

next £4.50


babyonboard · 17/07/2005 10:28

H&M are great..they usually have loads of slightly different styles in every colour imaginable from £2 each or so. they also range from size 6 to size 26..pretty damn good for high street and they tend to keep their shape. i'm not a fan of primark or new look..i know its cheap but the stitching always falls apart and they lose their shape or fade in the wash easily.


Gillian76 · 17/07/2005 10:33

I'd agree with lunachic. I got some of these from Next for £4.50. I am a size 20 and they fit well. Wide straps and I can wear my bra without it showing. You can order from next online if you don't fancy trailing round the shops. They will deliver next day for £3.50


charleepeters · 17/07/2005 10:34

Asda have loads with optional matching shorts for about £2.50 each

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