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So what should you wear to be stylish but casual if you're in your 30s and not a size 10 or below??

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Twiglett · 15/07/2005 16:14

cos fashion only seems to cater for very thin young people as far as I see

show me pictures

OP posts:

GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut · 15/07/2005 16:18

My friend is very stylish and I'd say she's a size 14.

She wears what I would wear - atm she's wearing the gypsy skirts (either to the floor or just below knee) with t-shirts or vest tops (not strappy though). We both wear jeans/cords with t-shirts and a nice belt and nice shoes/sandals. If cooler - a v-neck jumper with a white vest showing in the v (I've got a black jumper and a pea green one). We've both also got a pair of wide leg linen trousers (mine beige, hers white) which you can mix with tops and belts.

She always has nice fashionable necklaces on that lift the outfit. I don't wear necklaces but always have bracelets/bangles on that complement the outfit.

We don't dress similarly on purpose btw!


snafu · 15/07/2005 16:19

Hmmm, that's pretty much what I wear. (Not trying to imply that I am stylish though, heavens no!) I think accessories are the thing really and I've always been bad at that.


GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut · 15/07/2005 16:19

In fact, I think it's the accessories that do it - wear classic, plainish clothes but wear some nice funky or statement jewellry and trendy shoes/nice sandals or flip flops which is easy in this weather.

The other thing we both do that a lot of Mums don't, is wear make up.

Btw, not trying to say I'm a goddess or anything


GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut · 15/07/2005 16:20

x post snaf!


FrenchGirl · 15/07/2005 16:20

well twiggie, this summer I will be mostly wearing my fab linen mix Gap trousers (one pair in chocolate brown, other pair 'linen' colour...): am tall and a curvy size 12/14, and their 'modern fit' trousers fit me really well (long legs, a bit wide but not stupidly, waist a bit low but not super low). I wear them with a nice tan belt (widish), and either a fitted t-shirt or a white vest with Gap short sleeved linen wrap tops. And silver flip-flops or high espadrilles.
Also like skirts (nothing gipsy though): a line with pretty print and again simple fitted T-shirt.
Is that any help?


snafu · 15/07/2005 16:20

I do wear strappy vest tops though - is that wrong? Eeeek.


MrsDoolittle · 15/07/2005 16:21

Uhmmm Twiglett. I think you have something there.
I think bias cut dresses are beautiful on thin people but on ordinary folks postively awful.
I usually find I have to be a classic as possible to be stylish, meaning clean lines all the time.


snafu · 15/07/2005 16:21

lol (who are you btw?)


GetMakosiorVanessaorOrlaithOut · 15/07/2005 16:21


No, strappy tops are fine! Just not everyone is comfortable in them from the bra perspective!


snafu · 15/07/2005 16:22

Ohhhh, I wondered where you'd got to! Should've known!

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