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best places to shop on the high street for size 22?

11 replies

CiaoLeoCiaoOllie · 15/07/2005 12:12

I am a size 22 and only really know of Evans that does big sizes, anywhere else anyone know?

OP posts:

milge · 15/07/2005 12:33

m&s, h&m,etam, Dorothy perkins, monsoon, off the top of my head - there's a big centrefold article about this in the daily express today, if you can get hold of a copy. hth


Evesmama · 15/07/2005 12:34

mark one have some lovely stuff in ATm i bought a lovely pair of 3/4 linen trews for £12..wallis's size 20 are really size 22's, m&s..but have found them skimpy, new look have a bigger size range but their a bit hit and miss near me..ermmm...debenhams casuals?
thats all i can think of at min..oh, do you have jeffrey rogers near you?, i used to work in thier 'bigger' size section rogers and rogers, they had some nice stuff.HTH


champs · 17/07/2005 12:55

also try new look


octavia · 17/07/2005 19:47

In the buckinghamshire area they have a fantastic shop called watercolours. They do sizes from 16 - 28. They have some lovely things in there and have a good selection of everyday clothes, formal dresses, suits, swimsuits, jackets and underware. I love this shop, its run by a couple and they really look after you whether you are buying or browsing. Oh and they have fantastic sales as well


Magscat · 17/07/2005 19:50

Definately M&S. ALso BHS might be a nice surprise if you haven't been in recently. Agree with the comment about Wallis - I've had some great skirts/trousers from there but the tops are all 'skinny fit' so you can get them on but they are NOT flattering.

Ann Harvey is fantastic but not on every High St.

Good luck


emily05 · 17/07/2005 19:52

simply be are online and do sizes 16 - 30. their stuff is nice


Janh · 17/07/2005 20:03

Not High Street, but Matalan go up to a 20-22 in everything they do and some of it is quite good (and they usually have large sizes left when everything else has gone!).


vickiyumyum · 17/07/2005 20:07

if you are looking for 'trendy' stuff then def mk one or new look and for more traditional/plainer stuff m&s (just try there tops on first as some of them area bit short) etam is good as well for basics and some lovely gypsy skirts at the moment, but i've heard a rumor that they are shutting down so be quick!


Evesmama · 17/07/2005 20:10

yeah our etam has closed(mbro) and stocktons too..such a ashame as theres not much like that here


WigWamBam · 17/07/2005 20:10

Some of the bigger Tescos have some lovely stuff in their Florence + Fred range which goes up to something like a size 28. M&S's standard range goes up to a 22 - 24, they also have a range in their larger stores which goes to a 28. Some H&M stores have a large size range, which goes up to a size 32, but beware - the trousers come up huge, but the tops come up very small.


vickiyumyum · 17/07/2005 20:31

tescos 16+ stuff comes up very big, but the normal stuff too small!

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