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Where can i buy Cheapish silvery shoes

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dyzzidi · 13/07/2005 16:56

I am getting married and am nearly all done but.... I need shoes for two of my bridesmaids. I bought shoes to match the dress for my chief bridesmaid but they are stiletto heel and are too difficult for the other two to walk in. They are aged 12 and 15 so wear adult sizes and ideally woul dlike a kittenheel so they feel 'grown up'.

I don't want to pay more than £25 and silver would match the dresses perfectly. Any idea????

I have tried Next, debenhams, dolcis, faith and dune. I thought I would find some in a cheap shop but they seem to have eluded me so far.

Please help.

OP posts:

sweetmonkey · 13/07/2005 17:21

how about mkone, primark or tk maxx. they do cheapish shoes. or
have you tried catalogues like LX or look again
they usually have a good selection

good luck with the wedding too!!


Hausfrau · 13/07/2005 18:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hausfrau · 15/07/2005 09:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gscrym · 15/07/2005 10:07

BHS have a good range of wedding stuff. Unfortunately only certain stores do it. They may have something.
M and S have silver shoes just now but they're flat ballet pump ones.


starlover · 15/07/2005 10:23

clarks ahve a sale on at the mo


dyzzidi · 15/07/2005 10:24

I am going shopping tomorrow so will check out your recommendations then and let you know.

OP posts:

W0MBAT · 15/07/2005 10:25

Have you tried ebay? As I am addicted to buying shoes, I buy a lot from there as it's so cheap. You can usually find exactly what you want.

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