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Shopping at boden through MN

11 replies

triggerhappy · 07/07/2005 14:40

I've fallen for a dress on there, but I've never used them before. Is the 10% discount taken off the prices shown on the site? How do you claim the 10% off?

Thanks for any help!

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ponygirl · 07/07/2005 14:42

Just click on the boden site from the link on the homepage and the discount will be shown when you go to the checkout. HTH


ponygirl · 07/07/2005 14:43

And yes, it's 10% of the price on the site. Can you tell I shop there lots?


triggerhappy · 07/07/2005 14:47

Thanks girls, might have to treat myself now!!!!!!

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Scaryfairy · 07/07/2005 14:50

Don't think you get 10% extra off during the sale though.


triggerhappy · 07/07/2005 14:52

Well it's a nice dress, I'll probably have it anyway,

cheapskate? Moi? nooooooooo!!

OP posts:

ponygirl · 07/07/2005 14:53

Oh, no, sadly that's true. Probably a good discount though, so worth doing anyway!


Scaryfairy · 07/07/2005 14:56

Sorry to disappoint you. Agree with pg that the sale prices are great. I only ever buy Boden in the sale - but love their stuff.


teeavee · 07/07/2005 15:11

The dress I bought on the sale has arrived this morning, and I am very pleased indeed with it - fits perfectly, comfy but still smart, washes at 40 degrees, not too 'high fashion'....I can see me wearing it loads
And I NEVER normally wear skirts or dresses!

what is the dress you fancy, trigger?
wonder if it's the same one?


triggerhappy · 07/07/2005 16:11

Don't know how to post links, it's the first one in, pale blue with flowers & tie waist.

Looks lovely.

OP posts:

teeavee · 07/07/2005 19:02

that is the very one i've bought - I think! - the 1950's one? I got it with daisies on - great cut to it, i'm pleased as punch, cos it's always hard to find a dress that fits me


triggerhappy · 07/07/2005 21:05

LOL, what good taste you have!

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