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fake nails

18 replies

stitch · 04/07/2005 17:19

anyone have them?
what are good ones to get?
how much do they cost?
how to care for em. how to keep own nails clean etc.
oh, and are they a chav thing?

am thinking of getting them, but not sure, and am clueless about them. any advice appreciated.

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jessicaandbumpsmummy · 04/07/2005 17:21

i used to get mine done coz i bite my nails. costs vary from £25-35 for a full set, and then refils every 3-4 weeks at about £15 a time. Acrylic ones. Dont do wonders for your own nails if you dont keep up with the re-fills of falseys. HTH a bit.


stitch · 04/07/2005 17:23

why did yo stop them, if you dont mind my asking?

OP posts:

jessicaandbumpsmummy · 04/07/2005 17:24

cost more than anything, plus they arent very baby friendly! Kept scratching jess!


stitch · 04/07/2005 17:26

my babies are getting older, youngest almost 2 and a half, so thought would give it a try.

what are the silk ones? and the gel ones?

OP posts:

tomasinatank · 04/07/2005 17:33

I have acrylics which i love as I have horrible hands and they realy make my hands look better.

Agree with jessica about them doing nothing for your real nails underneath but if i were to stop getting them done i guess it wouldn't take to long to grow my own up and get them in good condition-ish.

AFAIK gel nails are less 'damaging' to your own nails and silks the same although they are not as strong, hence i stick to acrylics at the mo.

There is nothing 'false' looking about mine and everyone comments on my lovely nails and are surprised when i say they are fake I suppose if you have them terribly long or very 'square' looking then they will look false but some people like them like that anyway


jessicaandbumpsmummy · 04/07/2005 17:34

they do look really nice, but as i said, couldnt get on with them once jess was here! Jess is 11 months now, and im pg again, so no chance for me to have them done for a while - kiddies need to be out of nappies to get the real beenfit i think!!!


stitch · 04/07/2005 17:38

my own nails are actually in pretty good condition. but obviously the housework and nappies etc have taken their toll, and they are not as good as they used to be.
i think i just want to get them. thanks fo ryour help

OP posts:

Dingle · 04/07/2005 17:56

I am wondering if I could buy the gel to do my own. I have had both gel and acrylic in the past, but really only for special occasions.

I would like to try to just paint the gel over my own nails, simply because my own nails are so weak! Has anyone tried the Rio nail kit?


stitch · 04/07/2005 18:05

just looked up th ekit yo mentioned. its fifty five pounds..... and wouuld it not be difficult to do your own hands?

OP posts:

Dingle · 04/07/2005 18:13

I don't think it would be that difficult if I wasn't planning to use the false nail tips. It would be mainly similar to applying nail varnish. The infils might be a bit trickier though!!


vickiyumyum · 04/07/2005 18:51

dingle - i have got the rio kit, but i only use it to do repairs and infills when i am haivng a brasic week. as repairs were getting costly, £5 per nail and i was going at least once a week, so the rio kit has saved me money in this way.
my friend has used the kit to do her own nails including tips and i couldn't tell much difference from having them done at the salon, but she is the type of person who is always well presented and spends a lot of time on her hair, makeup and nails any way. (oh and she doesn't have any kids)


Dingle · 04/07/2005 18:58

vickiyumyum- is the gel just painted on? After that do you just simply set them under the lamp?
...and what about replenishing the gel?


vickiyumyum · 06/07/2005 12:37

just put a bit of gel in teh gaps, for filling and set under the lamp. and for repairs you glue the tip back on and apply two layers of gel to the tip and then a coat of gel all over to blend!

once you get used to it, its very easy and saves time waiting in the nail salon for a repair that atkes them five minutes (oh and money as well)
i have had mine a couple of months and i think it has paid for itself.


Dingle · 06/07/2005 12:43

Where can you get the gel after you have used up what's in the kit then?


vickiyumyum · 06/07/2005 13:30

you can either order it over the internet, or through a leaflet that comes with it.
if you have a sally's near you they sell uv gel as well. it doesn't have to be rio uv gel, it can be any make and most chemists, beauty suppliers have it in or can get it for you.
you can but the tips and glue in these places too.
for what its worth i have had mine almost 6 months and have more than hlaf a pot left and i do use it quite regularly.


vickiyumyum · 06/07/2005 13:31

heres a link for sally



vickiyumyum · 06/07/2005 13:32

oops it should be link


biglips · 12/07/2005 22:13

or this website - "Riobeauty" (cant do links)

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