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Can anyone successfully do the 'indie look' and do it well?? And can you tell me how!!!

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lunavix · 02/07/2005 18:02

Just saw a mum wandering around basingstoke with converse traininers, a white shirt, and some low slung jeans looking rather cool. I know I couldn't pull this off though lol (aren't I too old??) but I'd like to try!

Can anyone actually pull off the indie look? What do you need? Is this even a look or am I being dense?

OP posts:

sparklymieow · 02/07/2005 18:12

I dress like this, Wear a lot of jeans with shirts or tight tshirts, I buy a lot of my stuff from chartity shops (excellent one near here) or te ndie/punk/goth shop in town.


misdee · 02/07/2005 18:14

when i am slimmer (when will that be again?) i like the punky skater look.


lunavix · 02/07/2005 18:16

I like the look but quite frankly I have no idea how to go about it, and don't think I have the hair!

OP posts:

twirlaround · 15/07/2005 15:27

Long fringe required, bandana/headscarf also good


Lakota · 15/07/2005 15:57

I kind of do an indie/hippy thing, but is it just me who looks an arse in a headscarf? I either look like I should be asking people to cross my palm with silver or my ears stick out and I resemble Dobby from Harry Potter!

Why not blatantly copy the mum you saw and see how you look in the privacy of your bedroom? It's not like she's a mate and you'll look stalkerish...

On the baggy jeans front, Oasis have some carpenter type (with the loop of denim at the side), cinch back ones which are quite cool. You can also secure the bottoms as turnups at two heights, should you choose to (looks dumb doing this with trainers, but quite cool with flipflops). They're not sooo baggy that you look like a grunger schoolgirl tho...


VANETHAOUT · 15/07/2005 15:57

is it that look with hippy layered skirt and beady flipflops?


Enid · 15/07/2005 15:58

I used to (did that whole skater thing) but am now too old and fat.

you must be thin to get away with it


lunavix · 15/07/2005 16:01

vanethaout - no, indie and hippy are very different.

Indie is more tight tshirts (usually with band or retro etc slogans) tight jeans, converse trainers, or tight shirts, etc... Just quite retro but in a very cool way (that I can't do)

Like the girl on the old lynx ad...

OP posts:

VANETHAOUT · 15/07/2005 16:03

oh ok - yes thin look deffo.
not for me then


lunavix · 15/07/2005 16:04

.. and with all the thin comments I best give it a miss

OP posts:

snafu · 15/07/2005 16:07

IMO indie is one of the looks you can get away with if you're a bit on the chub side. As long as you don't go OTT and are goodlooking/striking enough to get away with it.


lunavix · 15/07/2005 16:08

and that rules me out on another two counts!

OP posts:

Lakota · 15/07/2005 16:12

Cool jewellery instead then? Or new make-up? I can rarely be bothered but Mac do brilliant eyeshadow (Green is my current fave - called 'Sprout'). Too full on for all of eyelid in the daytime but takes about 10 seconds to do a quick line above upper lashes and looks funky and a bit daring (my eyes are greeny hazel but reckon would work with most). Also detracts from dribble stains all over top...

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