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balconette bras

10 replies

triggerhappy · 29/06/2005 21:12

how are they supposed to fit? I have got one, but to be honest, it doesn't even cover my nipples!

The size is right, surely they are supposed to give you a LITTLE coverage?

Aren't they?

OP posts:
starlover · 29/06/2005 21:17

erm... yes... they should cover much more than that!
suggest a bigger cup size!

VladimirIlyichUlyanov · 29/06/2005 21:17

yes too small

Whizzz · 29/06/2005 21:22

remind me of buns on a shelf

starlover · 29/06/2005 21:24

i love balconettes... my boobs just don't suit plunges and other stuff...
balconettes hold them up nicely and make them look luverly!

triggerhappy · 30/06/2005 08:09

thank you thank you!

Seems I may need a D cup then, woohoo!

OP posts:
dizzymama · 30/06/2005 16:31

I wear balconettes when we have run out of side tables in the house! In one my boobs create a nice raised surface reminiscent of an usherettes tray but then again I am a GG (OMG that is the second time in so mnayminutes I have revealed my boob size on mn, think I am becoming obsessed!)

giraffeski · 30/06/2005 16:33

Message withdrawn

anorak · 30/06/2005 16:54

Yes, I wear them too. Go to M&S, they excel in the lingerie department and have properly trained assistants on hand to measure you and suggest styles that'll suit you.

PooPooGirl · 30/06/2005 16:57

I love balconettes but have had the nipple problem with certain makes, I guess they come up smaller. It always makes me feel a bit pleased with myself though that my nipples are still that high up

cupcakes · 30/06/2005 17:05

I used to like balconettes but since having children they just make the top part of my boobs look rather 'wobbly' and not quite as rounded as I would like.

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