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Let's have a girly shop.

28 replies

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 10:59

Come and help me find some nice outfits.

I have the money but can't go out shopping for a couple of weeks soooooooo who better to go shopping with than you lot

OP posts:
Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:01

I've just been, just got some shoes from Monsoon online, a DVD from amazon and now buying tickets to The Big Chill, so properly skint now!

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 11:01

Oooh shoes from Monsoon

OP posts:
Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:08

errr no actually not shoes, some espadrilles for £12.00! Is that better now

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 11:13


We need links.

Where is everyone???

OP posts:
Lizzylou · 02/06/2005 11:15

I bought a lovely top and skirt from Monsoon for a wedding recently, it is called "Garnet" I think...very different for me, sorry, cannot do links!
They have amazing things on their website! If you've got the cash, thats where I'd splash it!

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:20

Right you look up jaipur, that's the top and skirt I got and I'll looik upo yours. Meet you back here in 5!

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 11:20


OP posts:
Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:22

how funny, they are SO similar!
What shoes did you get to go with it?

Lizzylou · 02/06/2005 11:24

Thomcat, I couldn't afford the Jaipur! It is a beautiful outfit!
I am wearing some silver strappy is lovely on and I am well chuffed as I ordered a size 14 skirt (am a 14/16 normally) and it is a bit loose (good for all that wedding cake!)

bubblerock · 02/06/2005 11:24

I've just bought two skirts and a jacket from Ebay in an attempt to get a bit trendy for the summer - I have a bit of a pink thing going on at the moment



And Here

Need to find some tops now - I've put on a few pounds since xmas after giving up smoking so don't really want to buy new stuff as hopefully I'll lose it again

Lizzylou · 02/06/2005 11:27

They look really nice Bubblerock.....size 10!! And you've put on weight???!! You lucky minx!

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 11:27

They're gorgeous.

I've just bought a skirt very similar to the Jaipur.

I couldn't see any espadrilles though.

OP posts:
bubblerock · 02/06/2005 11:28

Just 9lbs but it's pushed me from an 8/10 to a 10/12 and my clothes are really snug and uncomfortable

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:29

i'm struggling with shoes, I don't do heels at the best of times but will be 4 months pregnant at an outside/garenden/marquee wedding and carrying Lottie around so geels would be a really bad idea.

bubblerock · 02/06/2005 11:30

Wedges would give you height but be a bit more sturdy.

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:30

The espadrilles are actually jaipur, but kids, in a desperate attempt to see if they will go with the top and skirt but I really don';t think they will, have to try though as getting a bit desperate and you've seen my post re no heels.

Very nice bubble. 10/12 isn't big you know, sounds a nice size to me.

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:31

Hmmm won't NOT do wedges but tricky colour to match shoes to

Newbarnsleygirl · 02/06/2005 11:32

I saw the kids ones, they're lovley.

4 months pregnant

OP posts:
Lizzylou · 02/06/2005 11:32

What about a gold/bronze colour?

bubblerock · 02/06/2005 11:34

I actually feel sexier being a size bigger as my boobs have grown it's just a bit of a pain that i can't fit into my wardrobe and can't really afford to buy a whole new one.

What are you looking to buy NBG?

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:34

Gold would be okay actually, need to get out there and get shopping.

bubblerock · 02/06/2005 11:40

Thomcat - just looked at the colour of your outfit, it's gorgeous but looks a bugger to match! I'd go with a strappy sandal in a very pale colour with maybe a little jewel detail, but as the outfit is bold I think the shoes shouldn't be too heavy - almost non existent iYSWIM

Thomcat · 02/06/2005 11:40

no strappy sandals, well only if very flat.
Will try for gold.

Lizzylou · 02/06/2005 11:44

With an outfit like that honey , no-one will be paying attention to your feet!
It's bloomin gorgeous!

beansontoast · 02/06/2005 11:55

hi TC and every one
i love the planning and exitement that is getting a wedding outfit sorted
that jaipur outfit is gorgeous..prob even nicer on as is the way with monsoon.
what do you think of those flattie indian jewelled shoes that are around these days? have you seen them? you can wear them as a shoe or flatten the back like a mule.
my neighbour got a lovely pair in north harrow!!

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