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Anyone recommend a professionally done tan job?

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docket · 30/05/2005 17:37

Can any of you ladies help me: I'm getting married in just over two weeks and want to look brown for my wedding. I'm not capable of self-tanning myself without serious streaks so am thinking that getting a salon to do it for me will be the way to go. Bit flummoxed by the options out there, can anyone recommend a particular type? I want to look like I've spent a week in Italy say, rather than two in the Caribbean!


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deegward · 30/05/2005 18:06

I've been spray tanned a couple of times, before a big function, as long as you exfoliate it's a fab result. lasts for 5-7 days and you look great.

harrogatemum · 31/05/2005 09:12

docket - I had a couple of spray tans whilst on hols in Aus recently - the brand was Sun Fx and it was brilliant, you stand in a shower cubicle in your knickers and they spray you. The therapist said it was international and she was sure they have it in the UK - might be worth an internet search.

docket · 31/05/2005 14:32

thanks for your replies, have just popped down to the local beauty salon and booked myself in for a test run spray tan later this week!

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