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choose me a bra...

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GeorginaA · 01/05/2005 22:18

Help! I need new bras... just stopped breastfeeding, sick of maternity/breastfeeding bras ... all my old ones are tacky and I want a feel-good-about-myself boost.

First problem: I'm small. Technically I'm a 32AA but I find that if I buy a 32 I'm on the last hook and it's uncomfortable so guessing I should go up to a 34AA? Maybe getting away with a 34A?

Obviously due to my size I need a boost in more ways than one... so padded would be nice - but I'm also the comfort queen. I like the idea of a wonderbra but vaguely remember they were quite uncomfortable - have they changed? I'm tempted by a Sloggi but although wonderfully comfortable they will also make me look non-existant.

Advice appreciated... Trinny and Suzannah me please!

OP posts:
starlover · 01/05/2005 22:37

Ooooh, go and look on figleaves... you can shop by size


starlover · 01/05/2005 22:38

i like the panache liquid filled one, and the ones with pretty hearts on!
I am such a girly girl though!

Newbarnsleygirl · 01/05/2005 22:45

Snap SL!

They might be what your looking for GA.
The Panache will boost you and Miss Lepel moulded one will be nice.

starlover · 01/05/2005 22:52

wish i could get in one. I'm 34DD. And b/f at the mo, so all i have are nursing bras BOOOOORING!

GeorginaA · 02/05/2005 12:24

Hmm... liquid filled - would I be able to bung them in the washing machine or would they be handwash only?

I have to say, I'm not a girly girl at all - the less lace and frills the better for me

Reckon I could get away with a 34A in order to widen my options or is that a bad idea?

OP posts:
starlover · 02/05/2005 19:32

I think the liquid filled ones have an insert that comes out so you can wash them.
Go for the 34a if you want, you can send it back if it doesnt fit!

RumMum · 11/12/2008 17:46

I'd definately go and get measured.... I went in a 36A and came out a 34B....

SammyC · 11/12/2008 17:50

I agree with rum mum go get measured plus not in high street chain but poss old established place as high st have given me mad sizes.

honestfriend · 11/12/2008 19:34

M&S uplifting underwired T shirt bras give me a good cleavage and I am a 34 B.

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