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How do I get rid of the dead cat smell???

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flamesparrow · 22/04/2005 10:29

Very hairy legs...

Wedding dress fitting this afternoon...

The wax strips I'd bought were usesless, no razors left, so decided to use up the immac mousse stuff I bought to review a while ago.

Smooth legs now, but after washing with strong smelling lavendar soap, and scented moisturiser, my hands still smell of dead cats....


OP posts:
Lonelymum · 22/04/2005 10:31

Perhaps cut up an onion and then your hands will smell of that instead! What is this about a dead cat? How did that come about?

biglips · 22/04/2005 10:31
flamesparrow · 22/04/2005 10:32

All hair removal cream is scented with au de dead cat.

OP posts:
biglips · 22/04/2005 10:33

how about a gentle scrub on your hands to get rid of the smell of immac mousse stuff that you may have abit left on your hands

Lonelymum · 22/04/2005 10:35

Oh! You had me worried for a moment! Have you tried Carex handwash? It claims to rid the hands of common odours including onions and "citrus odours" (? I wasn't aware citrus and odours went together). Doesn't mention dead cat smells though.

When are you getting married BTW?

Newbarnsleygirl · 22/04/2005 10:36


I love it that most hair removal creams put that they're rose scented. Yeah right!

Find the strongest hand cream or my 1001 home hints book recommends wiping a lemon on your skin!

flamesparrow · 22/04/2005 10:49

I'm off to find the carex and scrub my skin off... no lemons in... don't think a kiwi would work as well

Dead cat smell should be a commonly listed odour... just like when vanish lists what it works on, it should mention that NOTHING will get out new born baby poo!

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