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'nick cave' suit...

10 replies

beansontoast · 21/04/2005 16:06

poss a bit of a long being lazy

anyone know any good vintage sites...and also how id best describe that sort of look [obviously youll need to know what nick drake suits look like cos im no help!!

i want to find a suit for my gorgeous skinny rock star dp to wear this summer...he's only ever going to have one if its going to be dated come a few years, it may aswell start off that way too.

OP posts:
beachyhead · 21/04/2005 16:07

nick cave and nick drake - slightly different styles!!!!!

Camden Market, Greenwich market, Antiquarius in Pimlico (if it is still there)

beansontoast · 21/04/2005 16:13

oh know what, ive been typing drake into google and then going 'doh'...thats why i gave up .i cant believe i did it again!
tahnks anyway.

so thats nick CAVE to be sure.

OP posts:
Enid · 21/04/2005 16:14

is that that skinny, slightly fifties look?

beansontoast · 21/04/2005 16:19

def skinny, straight legs.
longish jacket? ,but im not sure if thats cos he has short legs/long body? im a bit rubbish..

OP posts:
Enid · 21/04/2005 16:20

yes longish jacket, very fifties, languid holding of fag an essential accessory, will think about it

beansontoast · 21/04/2005 16:22
OP posts:
Cristina7 · 21/04/2005 16:52

White shirt with big and rather pointy collars also essential.

Which other rock star can sing and dance in a suit and look cool?

serenity · 21/04/2005 16:55

Tell you what, if I find him, you can keep the suit and I'll take him home

Cristina7 · 21/04/2005 22:49

Serenity, are we talking Nick Cave or beansontoast's DP?

I remembered another rock artist who looked damned good in a suit: Andrew Eldritch in the video for Dominion. Guess what my DH wore when we got married...

Also looking good in suits was Madonna in the video for Vogue.

Libb · 21/04/2005 22:54

Nick Cave styliee - blimey. I would imagine most vintage places online and, as beachyhead suggested, Camden etc.

What about Billy Rocker websites (is that the right expression? ex hubby would know but we divorced last year so phoning him up would a bit weird!)

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