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Charity shops: great buys today!!

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Branster · 18/04/2005 18:13

Following on yesterday's thread about which shops you frequent but you'd rather people didn't know it.

Went in a charity shop today and found the most gorgeous cream lacy top (some French label I never heard of), a beautiful brown jersey top long sleeves (MNG) and a wonderful summer flowy long dress that hangs in all the right places (some foreign label I never heard of again). All for the amazing price of £8!!! All of them just as new (I did check everywhere and they look perfect)

That follows my other find a couple of months ago when I bought a Linea suit (jacket, shift dress + short skirt) for next to nothing. All in perfect condition.

It just goes to show, sometimes it pays to visit these shops.

Am so pleased with myself today!

OP posts:
charleypops · 18/04/2005 18:37

Good for you Branster - I love charity shops and always have done - I used to manage 5 of them for the RSPCA. I bought a beautiful craft-knitted proper Arran jumper for dp just this weekend for £2!

I prefer the old-school smelly shops with jammed up rails of bargains, but they seem to be few and far between these days because of people (like me) re-vamping them. I HATE clothing grouped by colour and ridiculous prices.

lunavix · 18/04/2005 18:40

I love charity shops but the ones around here charge silly prices - i saw a next tshirt that would fit ds (12 - 18 months) for £3 - they're only 1.99 or 2.99 (esp in the sales) new.

Having said that, I've heard a lot of people buy things and then sell them on through forums/ebay. I don't like that idea so I suppose it puts them off, it just puts honest buyers off too.

TinyGang · 18/04/2005 20:34

Excellent Branster!

I love them too and have found some lovely things in them, but some are better value than others it's true. You have to be quite discerning.

Anyone noticed how many are selling brand new things these days? I don't get that.

Branster · 18/04/2005 22:13

I did notice some stuff is brand new too. What's going on.

I agree, having it all colour coordinated etc defeats the idea of a charity shop in a way.

As regards to buying things to sell them on: I bought a pair of incredibly high heel red ankle boots. what the hell was I thinking? They were actually brand new, never worn. i could not wear them at all (must have been a stupid design) so I sold them on e-bay. At a loos as it happens but maybe someone else is wearing them now.

OP posts:
pootlepod · 18/04/2005 22:20

I love charity shops too, have got some great bargains, children's clothes and books mainly.

I quite like having the clothes grouped in colour . That's how I would shop in a normal shop, only going to colours I like.

Where/who are the best shops? Mine is the local Oxfam one.

Dior · 18/04/2005 22:22

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow · 18/04/2005 22:23

we have a children socity one here and its great, lots of baragins and lovely clothes, you do have to go in most days to have look though, the ladies that work thee know m wll, and if I am after something they will keep it aside for me...

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