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Want to start new wardrobe from scratch... what should I buy, what style, what accessories... am clueless!!

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mancmum · 02/04/2005 17:21

Have decided that I need to start again on my wardrobe... just been through what remains of clothes after a very ruthless fly lady session and pretty much realized I need to start from scratch.... my style took a few years off thru having kids and working full time so only had time to go to M+S at lunchtime, receive hand me downs from younger slimmer taller sister (ie they don' fit) or buying odd things whilst running between toy shops at Trafford Centre..

So, have a reasonable budget to at least put basics in place... but what... where to start... what should I be looking for in a capsule wardrobe... I am a size 14 with plans for size 12 over the next few month... quite pear shaped but small waist and flat stomach... horrendous legs and big feet...

I can dress quite casually at work and have enough smart stuff for when I need to meet clients so this is really about 'me' clothes... but how do I know what style ... should I make a plan of say " 3 pairs trousers, 6 tops, 1 dress and 3 pairs of shoes" or should I aim to buy 3 complete outfits? HELP !! Where do I start?

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mancmum · 04/06/2005 22:27

I did and it was fab... would really recommend it... but only when loaded!!

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