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waxed eyebrows (ouch!)

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biglips · 14/03/2005 20:22

ive done it before myself but ended up looking like a bamboo's sore arse ...

i went to hairdressers to have them done and to see how they do it so she applied the wax on and stripped it off then applied something watery on cotton wool to cool the burning sensation... what is that watery thing? as i can do it myself now..

OP posts:
helsi · 14/03/2005 20:22

tea tree

biglips · 14/03/2005 20:29

really!!!! but it had no smell to it

OP posts:
helsi · 14/03/2005 20:31

When I go for mine doing that is what they use. Its really soothing. Must admit the one they use on me does smell a bit - but nice.

SeaShells · 14/03/2005 20:31

Was it witch hazel?
We use that in our house when the kids bump themselves as it reduces the bruising.

Fimbo · 14/03/2005 20:33

Ooh! Couldn't do that to myself Biglips, tried it once and left some wax behind - it was painful for days . The beauty place where I go use some stuff that smells a bit menthol.

biglips · 14/03/2005 20:42

should i ring my hairdresser up tmrw or is that being cheeky?

OP posts:
Fimbo · 14/03/2005 20:44

Is there any mn's who are beauty therapists?

Cod · 15/03/2005 08:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Cod · 15/03/2005 08:09

Message withdrawn

champs · 16/03/2005 02:06

hiya am a beauty therapist,
it would have been an after wax solution. these can come in lotion, oil, and gel form. different salon have their favorit(sp) brands they use so if you want that particular one you'll have to ask hairdresser what one she used. I have an oil that smells like almond, a spray which has a medical kind of smell and a lotion that hasn't really got a smell. I tend to use the spray or lotion first and the oil if there is any wax left on.

champs · 16/03/2005 02:07

ps, you're braver than me, waxed my eyebrows once and it was too much pain for me, I use shaper and tweezers now as am a big chicken!

jabberwocky · 16/03/2005 03:05

I think mine use some kind of lavender oil? I'm going saturday and will try to find out.

SueW · 16/03/2005 07:49

Get some shaped strips specially made for waxing eyebrows = they are v simple to use. In a yellow box near all the other wax strips in somewhere like Boots. Hair Solutions Wax Away Eye Brow Shapers

biglips · 16/03/2005 08:56

yeah, ive already got a wax strips kit at home so will be using that..

OP posts:
SueW · 16/03/2005 16:05

I just put cold water on afterwards. Or tea tree oil.

sophy · 16/03/2005 19:25

take nurofen half an hour before waxing. numbs pain and reduces redness.

biglips · 17/03/2005 18:38

thanks everyone, it was tea tree oil and i will use that in the nect time i wax my eyebrows

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