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Childs lobe piercing bump

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Poppypops123 · 19/03/2023 09:54

Hi everyone I need advice. Please don't judge me as I feel awful enough but my dd wanted her ears pierced since she was 5 which I wouldn't allow for a very long time, even though I have a few ear piercings myself. It seemed to be the norm that majority of the girls in her class had their ears pierced for their 5th birthday. A little after her 6th birthday she asked again and I explained they hurt, sore for a while and importance of cleaning. I took her to a very reputable highly recommended piercer, after ringing around a few. All of them said they wouldn't use a needle in a child under 8. So i was a little sceptical of this after reading horror stories of the gun. The piercer we went to was fantastic and explained everything. They were helping beautifully until I took them out for PE at school and struggled to get them back in and they went swollen and developed a lump. The piercer recommended me taking them out and replacing with longer bar to allow swelling. Again healing lovely, I'm unsure if her hair git wrapped around it or knocked it in bed but one has developed a big, red blood filled bump. I'm bathing with salt water and applying a piercing tea tree solution. The school are on my back about taking them out for PE but I don't want to risk taking them out and dd loves them and doesn't want me to take them out. Obviously if they get worse I'll have no choice. They aren't painful unless the bump is cleaned. She was on antibiotics for a different problem a few months ago which is also useful for piercings but that didn't do anything so I'm guessing it's not an infection. The ear isn't hot to touch and doesn't hurt in the day just when touched. The red bump is next to the hole at the back of the ear not on it. I can't swap the earrings for a smaller bar because that would be painful. What else can I do to avoid taking them out unless I need to. Thankyou.

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