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Anyone up for “making changes to feel and look better” thread?

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Embelline · 18/03/2023 16:25

Had a rough year last year and it shows on my face! Determined to feel and look better this year so:

I’ve got a dupe of the Stanley cups and I’m drinking two of those a day and trying to cut down on coffee - failing on the latter

started doing my nails again

using a body scrub twice a week and moisturising daily

signed up to skin and me and got a gorgeous cleanser to go with it which I’m using night

got a silicone facial cleansing brush

booked in for Botox consultation for my forehead/11’s

dragged my old designer bags out of the wardrobe. Going to sell a couple and start using the rest - decided I don’t care if they’re in fashion they make me feel more together

ive started taking b12, iron and magnesium supplements and spoke to the GP about my anxiety and have recently upped my dose of meds which is helping hugely

i really need to sort out diet and exercise too but I’m struggling with this at the moment

OP posts:

Chocolatetrifle · 22/03/2023 10:08

Spring coming that should say!


HiddenGiraffes · 22/03/2023 10:10

YukoandHiro · 21/03/2023 10:01

I'm 40 this year and god knows I look a fright. I do need to sort myself out a bit.

But those of you considering Botox, remember that once you start you need to keep it up for life. Think how many hundreds of thousands of pounds that is just to prevent showing younger women what normal ageing looks like. You can't just stop once you've started as you don't age ina normal way and it looks really horrific to just stop - whole chunks of the face suddenly sag because the muscles haven't been used for so long.

Before you know it you're 70 with Plastic Face...

This isn't at all true about Botox btw, what actually happens is you see the benefits even after it wears off as the wrinkles that the freezing prevents happening have filled in a bit and your skin has had a break from making them worse.

Think about it: the whole point of Botox is disabling the muscles, how would what you're claiming happen once it wears off?

My mother-in-law is 65, last had it before the pandemic and still feels she sees the benefits.

It's possible that there's downsides to having fillers and then stopping, I know far less about that.


ImAvingOops · 22/03/2023 20:22

I've slipped a bit in the last few days - ate tons of chocolate (got loads for Mother's Day)
Still being good about taking all the vitamins and have been getting plenty of sleep.
The house is now chocolate free and so I'm going back to a concerted effort tomorrow to lose weight! Also need to re dye my hair.


JamSandle · 22/03/2023 20:31

Yesterday went to the gym and have eaten healthily the past two days but a sedentary day today. I need to be more active tomorrow.


Farmageddon · 22/03/2023 20:39

ItsNotForYouJen · 21/03/2023 14:06

@Epli I’ve had a go at a few of them but I just don’t keep up with them. Brain fog is a real issue and keeping up with work and kids is the priority. When I have some time I just go to bed early as I’m too tired and low to contemplate doing anything else.

Supplements and water is probably a good place to start as I bet I’ll feel an improvement pretty soon. I gave up sugar a few weeks ago, which has really improved my energy and clearer thinking. I’m going to lower the carbs too as I’ve slipped into snacking on them for a hit in lieu of sugar. Hopefully this’ll help with my skin too.

I suppose I just need to keep believing it’s all worth it.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time - I was wondering if you had thought about trying HRT? Obviously it's not right for everyone, but considering you are already experiencing tiredness, brain fog etc. it could really help.


Embelline · 31/03/2023 12:49

I fell off my own thread again as I’m unwell
wirh tonsilitis.
but I’ve booked Botox for end of April after a consultation and am going to start doing the michael Mosley diet next week when I’m better.
going to catch up on the thread now!

OP posts:

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/03/2023 17:21

The Ordinary lotion I bought is nice , I use it under a moisturiser . Too early too say if it's doing much but give it time .

I ate some Lindt chocolate on Mothers Day ( had a couple of bars left over from Christmas , I;m not giving up chocolate but just on a very very low useage ) Planning what Eastr egg I want , not a big one that I'll have leftover , but maybe some chocolate marzipan?

Had my helix piercing done , very pleased Grin
But it means I won't have my hair cut for months as I don;t want to get it caught .

Keeping up with the Elasticiser every week .


CouldIHaveThatInEnglishPlease · 03/04/2023 19:10

Back for an update -

fresh balayage and a new hairstyle (back to the old layers!) means my hair is looking lush. Also had classic lash extensions and it’s lovely to just wake up and slap on some lipgloss and I’m really to go.
lost 4lbs in March on slimming world, but fallen off the wagon this week. Joys of school holidays - the only way to get the teen and tween out the house is bribing them with food (McDonald’s/kfc/creams etc). But never mind, I’ll be focused again soon.
still going to Clubbercise, tried c25k and really struggled with the first run. Need to get back out but I’ve been so tired. Have decided to rejoin the gym as although I can only really go once a week, I miss it and need it.
also need to get my nails done as they are looking dreadful. Another job for when the dc are back at school.

been spending far too long on Pinterest designing my dream wardrobe and have bought some new clothes from shein that go with the aesthetic I like.

April Goals:

  • loose 4lbs
  • rejoin gym
  • get nails done
  • sort out morning and evening skincare routines
  • finish reading a book

Minirrriot · 04/04/2023 00:14

Great updatw @CouldIHaveThatInEnglishPlease and regarding the lbs, I'm sure you'll get back on it after the school holidays -Clubbercise sounds fun btw, I've never been, what's it like?

Don't be too hard on yourself about the diet though, as it sounds like you've made some good changes and tweaks so far.

I've bought a lovely new primer and foundation, got some new skincare and started using it religiously (retinol serum and cream and vitamin C serum) plus once a week I do an Eve Lom mask. I have also had my hair coloured and fringe trimmed and have updated my wardrobe for spring. I bought a nice Calvin Klein Jacket for spring , a jumpsuit fromint Velvet, some new wide leg chinos, and a striped top and some brown ankle boots from M&S. Also go a lovely blue John Rocha bag from eBay.

As for my goals for the next four weeks they are:

Get a lash lift
Book another electrolysis session (I've had 3 so far and want to keep up with it but haven't had a session since end of Jan)
Start going for daily walks
Get my hair trimmed
Book a leg and bikini wax
Buy some pointed toe ballet flats in red an another pair in navy

I'm still contemplating getting the Botox and I need to get my nails done too, they are a bit manky at the moment and need sorting out.

Will be back later and will repor more when I have something to update as following this thread and enjoying catching up.


Epli · 04/04/2023 09:41

I booked a cut & colour as well. I am waiting with nails until after Easter as we hope to finish cleaning after house renovation during the long weekend.


WhatFreshHeckle · 04/04/2023 09:44

I am in!

Will be back with a list later


WhatFreshHeckle · 04/04/2023 09:46

Just realised in quite late to the thread! I definitely could use this though, so will come up with a list


LaLoose · 04/04/2023 09:58

What is the cheap-as-chips Amazon lash serum @Secretboringsister please and thank you?


WhatFreshHeckle · 04/04/2023 17:57

Right, my list:

  1. Exfoliate body and face twice a week
  2. drink more water
  3. no alcohol during term time (unless a special occasion and then only on weekends)
  4. see orthodontist about my wonky teeth
  5. look into laser eye surgery
  6. streamline wardrobe to make a bit of a capsule for work. I can't WFH and my workplace (school) is fairly smart - no trainers or denim etc
  7. earlier nights
  8. start using my spin bike which has become the cliché 'expensive clothes horse' sitting in my living room 😩
  9. cut out / cut down on refined carbs and up protein intake
  10. go to yoga twice a week
  11. more fruit and veg

    I'm turning 40 this year and want to look and feel in better shape for it

thenewaveragebear1983 · 06/04/2023 07:22

I’ve lost a few pounds this week by being very strict with calories, (cutting back to 1300-1500 and exercising every day), cutting carbs, and drinking 3l plus of water every day too. I feel good about the loss but the reality is that it is difficult to maintain if that’s what it’s going to take, there’s no room for any exceptions really. But for now, til whitsun holiday, it’s my plan. I’ve lost 12.5lbs now this year and being so close to a stone is also very motivating.

i ordered a ‘skin and me’ subscription, as I have a blue light card it was only £5 for the first month, and it’s primarily to treat my rosacea, I will see if it makes any impact before the full price kicks in! I used it last night and my skin feels quite firm this morning. I’ve been using concealer and foundation and bought myself a new lipstick so I feel better on Teams calls, and had a haircut last week as well.

other goals

  • daily toning exercises with some weights in addition to my other exercise, particularly my arms and core.
  • moisturiser- I have loads and I’m working my way through it, taking a bit better care of my feet and generally my skin.
  • I’m planning to not drink excessively this weekend, for weight loss reasons but also it makes me feel horrible and I want to get the maximum impact from the long weekend
  • I need to get some sunscreen for my face, my promise to myself is to wear it every single day. That way when the sun eventually comes out, I will be ready and waiting 😂

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/04/2023 20:24

I need to sort my legs out for summer .
The shape is ok, bit hairy but that's just laziness Blush
But they're dry , and blue/white .

The epilator needs to come out , scrub, intensive moisturiser and some self tan.

I usually use a Korean-Italian cloth but I don't like baths and with the cost of heating I;m a bit loathe to have a hot 30 minute bath .

Then with a light colour I;ll be ready to face the world ?


Bunnie007 · 22/04/2023 21:15

Keen to join in- will think of my list : )


Hellenabe · 22/04/2023 23:42

Love these sorts of threads, thanks OP!

I'm definitely perimenopausal and have felt incredibly low for ages now, not even looking in the mirror for days. Also a breakup last year crushed me and im still in my shell as a result

Changes :

  1. Bought a 3L water bottle to have each day

2. Haircut and colour - previously had such bad roots as couldn't be bothered
3. Threading face - I look so much fresher
4. Started following a few great instagram people with my body type/ideal looks then bought items via Like to Know. I got so many great ideas plus i've bought lots of decent basics from H&M. I had lots of great clothes but they didn't fit together stylishly.
5. Bought new cream eyeshadow and lipsticks in softer colours rather than my old harsh black eyeliners etc
6. Used conditioner again on my hair, hadn't bothered for ages.

Want to :

Lose weight
Body brush regularly
Improve my skin
Like myself more
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