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What on earth do I do with a chin bob?

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Workyworky · 15/03/2023 22:22

I asked for a funky chin length bob. I got the triangle of doom.

It's all one inch below my ear. She thinned it out but said layers would make it stick up everywhere and would look too blocky.

She also cut my fringe so that it bounces up, giving me a wonderful Lloyd Christmas look so that's exciting.

This is it airdried with a sea salt spray scrunched in. I think we can agree this attempt is a fail! 🤣My hair is wavy (sometimes almost curly) but something about this cut just makes my hair sort of just hang.

So... help! I haven't a clue what products or tools I need to fight the frumpy isosceles? She said something about texture? I am fighting the desire to curl the ends under...

What on earth do I do with a chin bob?
OP posts:

BatshitCrazyWoman · 18/03/2023 12:57

Trickedbyadoughnut · 16/03/2023 16:20

Your hair looks/sounds very similar to my hair! It's pretty wavy with some curls at shoulder-length but if you cut it short the waves disappear (apparently that is common with waves as opposed to curls).

My hair hates all the products that should work with wavy hair, like sea salt spray, mousse, gel, conditioner in fact. I get the best look at bob length from any old shampoo, gently brushing when soaking wet, squishing it up with a t shirt, air drying, and then running curl creme through it.

I also have a fringe and it was well above my eyebrows this morning when I washed it, I ran the straighteners through and now it's kind of in my eyes. So that should make a huge difference - my top tip is do it before the straighteners get up to full heat, then it doesn't look like it's been straightened.

Mine is the same, except even curl cream is an absolute no no. My hairdresser knows now. No product in my hair after it's washed and conditioned. Mine is a longer sort of layered bob that means I can dry it straight, or let the waves do their thing.

OP I'd go back to the hairdresser, if you can bear it, to see if you can improve the shape.


Crumpledstilstkin · 18/03/2023 13:42

My hairdresser siad the best thing for making hair curl nicely is making sure it has lots of moisture. I'd try a nice conditioner, use loads but wash out thoroughly after, and a serum. I use the Aussie 3 min miracle treatment and occasionally olaplex. It seems to be working so far and my hair looks really healthy.


MultipleVeganPies · 18/03/2023 21:36

I think it looks cool and French

and I mean that


HelloBunny · 18/03/2023 22:15

Umberto Giannini Curl Gel is brilliant for scrunching. Lightweight, just use a tiny pea, and tip your head upside down.


RWB9 · 18/03/2023 22:17

Are you any good at curling with straighteners? I curl mine slightly with straighteners, brush out the curls and lightly rub 1 pump of hair oil through it. Stays in all day and looks wavy. I really like it!


Comeshinewithme · 18/03/2023 22:21

Workyworky · 16/03/2023 06:56


This has made me laugh out loud!


GuyFawkesDay · 18/03/2023 22:23

Best think for fine curly and waves is Elnett mouse for curls. It's genius.

I suspect it's the fringe that's taken you over the border into 'oh my god'. Once it grows out the actual length may well be ok?


ladygindiva · 18/03/2023 22:51

When I had a bob mistake headscarfs and headbands were my friends. Especially the ones with long scarf tails. I felt they took the attention away from my haircut iyswim


SleekMamma · 18/03/2023 23:00

Well I'm going to go the opposite way and say straighten the do. It will give as much length as possible and make it as shiny as possible.

Get the planteur brown shampoo and conditioner. And a heat protecting spray. GHD straighteners. It will look lovely


BartsLongLostBro · 19/03/2023 04:05

This thread has made me relse how little i understnd hair speak and why i like 'boy short' hair.


Dropchain · 19/03/2023 09:56

Same Barts. I don't speak the language of hair. I actually really like the first picture but I suppose it depends on the rest of your style.


Soccermumamir · 19/03/2023 10:51

I think it looks fine in the photo. If you really don't like it try different half up, half down styles. There's loads on Pinterest. Also try taking Kelp whilst it grows out. Kelp helps with the regrowth, as it stops your hair from snapping and thickens it up 👍

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