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My missing tooth :(

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Mnbvz · 14/03/2023 15:01

I had a tooth extraction yesterday. I’ve not been able to find an nhs dentist so went private. Had to borrow money for it. (This is relevant for my next steps!) There was the option of a root canal, but I couldn’t cope with the procedure or cost so I chose to have the tooth taken out.

I didn’t realise how far front it was, thought it was the molar behind, and it’s the fang tooth.

I’m so upset now the reality has kicked in. I look like Grotbags ☹️ Been crying on and off all day!
I know that sounds a bit pathetic but I’ve been losing hair too and it’s just all too much.

Has anyone used the clip in veneers?
I wondered if that’s the best option as I have crooked teeth so thought it would solve 2 issues in 1.
I’d just wear it when I’m out of the house, instead of a false tooth.

If you have, where from please? Don’t want to buy joke shop style teeth (although I doubt they’d be any worse!)

OP posts:

JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon · 23/03/2023 11:14

opalescent · 22/03/2023 14:13

@JesusMaryAndJosephAndTheWeeDon @KirstenBlest @GulfCoastBeachGirl thank you for your experiences of implants (and sorry for hijacking OP!!)

One last question- having been through the implant process, what would your thoughts be on travelling to get this done? Brighton implant clinic have excellent reviews, and charge on average 1300 for a full implant, start to finish. My current local dentist has quoted 9k for 3 implants. Brighton is three hours away from me, but the sheer size of the potential saving makes this seem worthwhile?!!

I would say don't make the decision on price alone. Check their qualifications and experiences. Go for an initial consultation and see what they recommend.

I saw two different private implant specialist dentists who were suggested by my regular dentist. I got very different answers from them both.

One was suggesting a plan involving extracting healthy teeth. He was focused on getting an implant placed at all costs and would have left me with more false teeth than I have now.

The second one did more involved orthodontics rather than purely cosmetic work and told me that there wasn't a straightforward solution, or not one that he was prepared to recommend as he wouldn't extract a healthy canine to make space for an implant. He referred me to the maxillofacial department of the hospital where a multidisciplinary team came up with a plan but I didn't proceed with it as it was too invasive, and long winded.

All dentists are not the same!


ChangedmynameagainforChristmas · 23/03/2023 11:51

I have had a lifetime of problems with my teeth as did my sister. I had a lot of costly work done some years ago and the bridges and the canal root work have finally come to a natural end. After a consultation at my dentist I agreed that the best way forward was to have the remaining teeth out and a denture fitted. I had this done a week ago.
Living with gaps at the front was awful as people look at your teeth and silently judge.
It is uncomfortable when I eat but it's getting better and I have the best smile you have ever seen. I feel like myself again and it has been a while.

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