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Heated gilet for DH?

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Candlestellysofa · 12/12/2022 13:55

Can anyone recommend a good one? I'd rather not pay over £100.


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Cinnamon35 · 12/12/2022 15:06

I did a lot of research before buying one for my dad as he gets extraordinarily cold as a result of medical treatment he’s having. The general consensus from reviews seemed to be that you get what you pay for and the more expensive ones were more dependable and lasted longer.

I ended up getting him one from ororo which was definitely more than £100 but he loves it, it keeps him warm and is going strong for its second winter.

Candlestellysofa · 13/12/2022 11:51

Thanks @Cinnamon35, I have been looking at the Ororo range so I’ll probably go with those.

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