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Hairstyle according to face shape/proportions? App to try on hairdos?

Justkoko · 23/09/2022 18:18

Getting my hair cut soon. I always have a bob as I don't suit long hair. I have a short neck so somehow it just looks rubbish, I can't even explain why.

I'm early 40s, want something that looks current. Last time I just had it very slightly angled at the back but then hairdresser cut in a bit wispy at the front, like a bit of a side swept fringe. For some reason, it's growing out crap. All the short bits around my face just don't sit right.

Is there a good app which let's you try on hairdos and helps with advising according to the proportions of your face?

I can't work out how to have it cut to stay current without having to grow it long. Which would look awful. I just feel so bleugh.

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