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OldYork · 21/08/2022 15:06

Seem to be everywhere in the shops…and I’m not sure I can tell the difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. Are they basically the same thing? If not, what’s the difference? Is it time to dust off my old suit jackets that have been hidden at the back of the wardrobe for 4 years (I’ve some rather nice ones from Hobbs) or would that be entirely unforgivably off-trend 😁

OP posts:
OldYork · 22/08/2022 10:17

hopeful bump!

OP posts:
yasminisa · 22/08/2022 11:11

I'm so jealous. I used to have some nice blazers from Hobbs, sold all mine. I just can't seem to replace with the same quality without spending £££

ChilliPB · 22/08/2022 11:31

A lot of the blazers I’ve seen worn out and about are more slouchy/casual than office-wear. A friend turned up for a coffee wearing jeans, converse and a tee with a really lovely tweedy-woolly type oversized blazer. Looked great and good for autumn weather.

PeekabooAtTheZoo · 22/08/2022 11:35

Blazers are basically suit jackets they were renamed around 2013, but the last two or three seasons they have been badly tailored, “relaxed” cuts that are supposed to imitate the early 90s and which flatter few shapes. As a size 8 hourglass, I hate frumpy floppy cuts and dropped shoulders that pin my arms to my ribcage. I can’t WAIT for good tailoring to be back in the shops and decent fabrics. We need a good Victoriana or 50s revival soon!

Floisme · 22/08/2022 11:45

As I remember, the suit jackets of a few years ago were more fitted, shorter and altogether more formal than what's in the shops now. I like the more relaxed style of the current blazers and, like ChilliPBas, I find them less 'officey' and therefore more flexible. However they probably won't be as well made as your Hobbs jackets so that's another dilemma.

MadameSapphire · 22/08/2022 14:46

Following, thanks OP. 😊

OldYork · 22/08/2022 15:35
OP posts:
AquaticSewingMachine · 22/08/2022 15:38

It depends a bit on the specific cut and how it sits with whatever trousers you choose.. At the moment blazers tend either to be fairly longline or slightly cropped to go with a higher waistline.

Why not chuck one on with jeans and a tee and post a pic for us?

MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig · 22/08/2022 15:48

A blazer is not a suit jacket, it’s more of a light coat.

I’ve got lots of jersey and tweed ones, they’re very versatile.

ChipsRoastOrBoiled · 22/08/2022 15:56

I'd wear those jackets/blazers with other trousers, jeans or a skirt!

OldYork · 22/08/2022 16:00

Why not chuck one on with jeans and a tee and post a pic for us?

if I’m feeling brave I will do it when I get home 😁

OP posts:
fernz · 22/08/2022 16:05

The blazers I wear tend to be on the casual side, usually unlined and a more of a relaxed cut. Personally I suit ones that don't have buttons. I also wear them as a light jacket when the weather gets cooler.

AutumnSquash · 22/08/2022 16:17

Personally, I’m not sure. I think the cut, plus the material and the block colours make them maybe a bit too formal. But def worth a try on and see!

Heres some pics of what I see around a lot (not that this is the only way to wear blazers, by any means!).

Floisme · 22/08/2022 17:04

The dimensions of those jackets feel a bit 'workwear' to me. I prefer a longer, more relaxed fit these days. But see what other posters say, it might just be me being fussy.
I wouldn't get rid of them though, even if you don't wear them just yet. I'm sure their time will come again and when it does, you won't be able to find the same quality for the price.

KirstenBlest · 22/08/2022 17:30

The blazers in the photos are quite different to the suit jackets from Hobb's

Floisme · 22/08/2022 17:47

Sorry for any confusion, I was talking about the pics of the Hobbs jackets when I said they reminded me of workwear. I prefer the look of the blazers in the photos at the moment. But if the Hobbs jackets are more than a few years old then I bet they'll be much better made than anything on the high street now.

MsJuniper · 22/08/2022 19:33

I guess a blazer is basically the same as a suit jacket but I've always thought of them as either having unusual buttons, shape or fabric that differentiates them. Now you mention it I can't put my finger on it though.

I do have a question on styling: All the blazer wearers I have seen online are pushing up the sleeves of their blazers, but when I do the same (and need to as I am quite short) they don't stay up! Is a ruched sleeve completely unacceptable? Or is there a magic trick to keeping them pushed up?

AquaticSewingMachine · 22/08/2022 19:52

I roll mine!

I hate the ruched ones; I just think it always looks cheap. I'm sure there are some tips on Insta for how to roll/push up the sleeves.

microbius · 22/08/2022 20:22

OP, I am on a learning curve about blazers and this is what I have discovered. Previously fashionable, office attire blazers - like yours from Hobbs, are more fitted - they usually have darts, they are shorter and your bottom shows at the back under them, they are sometimes 1 button jackets

Currently in fashion - more of deconstructed blazers which (sometimes) means no darts, they are more boxy (not taking in in the waist and back or cutting the fabric in way that drapes your body) two button, lower so that your bottom is covered.

I bought what I thought was a great luck versatile Joseph jacket from TKMaxx that is more similar to your Hobbs one only to discover it is too fitted and does not go with any of my current trousers. More of the bottom show also requires specific shapes for skirts/trousers. So I put mine away at the back of the wardrobe.

Now, they is a whole world of smoking jackets and three-button double-breasted jackets that seem long, more fitted and in fashion. These I have yet understood - they seem more of a party-wedding wear though not always

microbius · 22/08/2022 20:23

I have NOT yet understood. Sorry for typos/autocorrect all around

ChillPB · 22/08/2022 20:58

A thought. Have a look at & Other Stories here Lots of blazers but most are oversized. Often feel browsing shops is a good way to get a sense of what’s in fashion (if you want to follow fashion!) and also to see how to style things. So I’d look at what blazers are being worn with/get outfit ideas etc.

TheOGCCL · 22/08/2022 21:13

In order to be on trend the blazer needs to be oversized and slouchy, like you just threw it on. It’s a different vibe from a workwear jacket which is intended to look smart and neat. The idea is to channel a bit of the smart but dress it down. It’s perfect smart/casual. Workwear jackets are crucially normally too short.

Potentially a shorter more fitted workwear jacket might work with wide jeans.

TattiePants · 22/08/2022 21:29

The Hobbs jackets are more suit jacket than blazer. As pp have said, the current style of blazer tends to be longer, more slouchy and oversized. Lydia Jane Tomlinson on Instagram wears a lot of oversized blazers and really pulls off the look (she posts a lot about proportions).

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