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What’s the best essential oil combo for a “spa “ whiff?

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PartoftheProbl3m · 23/12/2020 07:59

You know - Aveda , plinky plinky music

Not fruity.

Any great ideas?

OP posts:
maysiemay · 28/12/2020 18:23

Bampton house do a really nice Calm oil . The lavender is really subtle in this blend. It reminds me of the smell of Malvern spa about 10 years ago when they used Ren products. It really does help calm your brain down i use it before bed. Their sleep blend is to much lavender for me.

Frankincense | Rose Geranium | Lavender
30ml, 100ml and 300ml

Calm Mind Body Oil is a therapeutic blend of essential oils designed to boost your skin, ease anxiety and balance emotions. This supercharged natural blend of precious oils nourishes skin from head to toe. It uses the restorative powers of Jojoba to nourish and protect your skin, whilst Argon (rich in antioxidants) leaves your skin soft and supple.

Apply directly to the skin and massage in, perfect after a bath or shower.

Key Ingredients
Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Natural Vit E Oil, Rose Geranium Flower Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Black Pepper Fruit Oil, Frankincense Oil

AcornAutumn · 02/01/2021 11:05

Just reviving this thread to ask for recommendations for steam puffy machines? Cheap and cheerful, no colour changes. Any recommendations gratefully received.

Doobigetta · 02/01/2021 13:34

Ylang ylang and geranium are the most spa-y. Try them with lemon or bergamot and cedarwood. Neroli and frankincense are beautiful but too expensive to use as room fragrances imo.

AcornAutumn · 02/01/2021 13:40


Ylang ylang and geranium are the most spa-y. Try them with lemon or bergamot and cedarwood. Neroli and frankincense are beautiful but too expensive to use as room fragrances imo.

Is that to me or the OP? Im wondering which machine to buy.
BangingOn · 02/01/2021 15:00

I have this diffuser, it isn’t cheap and cheerful but it’s beautiful and makes me smile everyday. I have it on my desk whilst WFH and it’s absolutely lovely. Rebecca Tracey has some wonderful oil blends too, not necessarily a spa scent but I’m using her Botanical Shield at the moment which is very nice.

LifeInAHamsterWheel · 02/01/2021 16:10

I have deal: VicTsing 150Ml Essential Oil Diffuser For Aromatherapy, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers Cool Mist Humidifiers with Waterless Auto Shut-Off For Yoga, Office, Spa, Bedroom, Baby Room - Yellow Wood Grain [[ this one]] and it works a treat but I have spent a small fortune on oils trying to find the right scent and I'm still trying! I like Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, Lemon, Neroli... lots more too... but just can't seem to get the combination right. I bought a few oil blends (Tisserand) and they were ok but DH didn't like them at all.
I'm considering going back to reed diffusers I have some favourite scents (from Max Benjamin) at least I know I love them.

LifeInAHamsterWheel · 02/01/2021 16:11

Noooo Confused

AcornAutumn · 02/01/2021 17:52

Thank you life I just looked for the brand name and found an offer, have ordered. Looking forward to trying it out.

AcornAutumn · 02/01/2021 17:53

Banging, looks lovely but too pricey for me i'm afraid.

BangingOn · 02/01/2021 22:53

It’s more than I would have spent but I was happy to receive it as a present. I’m pleased you’ve found one.

Pomegranatespompom · 02/01/2021 23:41

Brilliant info - thank you.

tobee · 03/01/2021 19:01

I've got a light changing one but there is the option to stop it changing iyswim

AcornAutumn · 04/01/2021 01:31

In oils, I was sure i liked ylang ylang and ordered some

Turns out i dont like it, its way too sweet

What's a good addition to mute it down? Thanks.

BaronessVonCake · 04/01/2021 01:58

Best one I've found is a mix called 'Women's Balance' from Neil's Yard.

Shit name, amazing spa like smell!

Maskedcrusader · 04/01/2021 02:24

Rosemary & Eucalyptus

Thegoldplace · 04/01/2021 02:58

I use an Australian brand called iKou (I live in Australia) and the de-stress blend is amazing
and smells exactly of luxurious spa

Geranium, clementine, lemon, lavender and patchouli

Haggisfish · 04/01/2021 03:08

Ooooh great thread op. Thank you!

Torvean · 10/07/2021 04:22

Hoped I could get this thread going again. I'm trying oils in a diffuser at night. I've been using camomile, clary sage and sandalwood (2 drops) night jasmine ( 3 drop) Bergamont ( 4drops). But I struggle to smell any citrus.

I ordered Marjoram and added it to a carrier oil to put directly on my skin as its meant to be good for pain. I used a 30 ml dispenser which means I can add 15 drops but it stinks and I could not go out with that on me.
I contacted the person I ordered the oils from and she's sending me a free sample of sweet Marjoram.

If that doesn't work I'll need to find something else.
I already take peppermint capsules.

Oh snd my amazon diffuser broke after 2 days. Hopefully my new one comes today. It was originally £45 reduced to £25 then amazon were given £5 , off vouchers. So just £20.

And they send 8 sample bottles of oils too. Lavender will be binned but the rest may have a use.

I know everyone loves lavender but I just can't stand it. So it's very difficult to get anything made up as lavenders there. The few I've tried without it smellt ok. They didn't help me sleep though. At all.

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