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Perfume samples box' ?

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Nefbachmorf · 22/12/2020 15:13

I'm running out of my current rota of three perfumes. I don't like any of them enough to repurchase.
Birthday next month and DH asked if I want perfume. I do, but need to test a few soon to decide on one that's full bottle worthy. I tried to test some in a recent, rare due to Covid visit to JL but found the experience frustrating because the testers were not easily available.

Does such a thing as a sample box exist? Or a way to try several samples by ordering online? (Preferably not Ebay).

OP posts:

User9574 · 24/12/2020 21:10

I got a discovery box from Perfume Society, loved it. Got Floral Street box after that from them. Tbh all the minitiarues last ages!


GrimDamnFanjo · 25/12/2020 02:42

4160Tuesdays do several. Great value!


RudeAF · 25/12/2020 03:31

Maison Margiela have a tester set on Space NK currently. I have and love a full size Sailing Day and want to try the others but am scared I will love them all Grin


QueenPawPaws · 26/12/2020 01:59

@RudeAF I have 3 now of the replica ones - lazy Sunday morning, funfair and beach walk and love them all... sorry Grin


RudeAF · 26/12/2020 20:29

@QueenPawPaws I am in trouble if I don’t twists this temptation aren’t I Blush I have my eye on Bubble Bath and a lemony one. I have also just realised the set I was thinking of is on Cult Beauty and has ten samples!


QueenPawPaws · 26/12/2020 20:48

@RudeAF I got the 30Ml bubble bath today from cult beauty
Did their quiz and got 15% off, then 12% cash back via Quidco so it came in at £35 with free delivery


RudeAF · 26/12/2020 20:54

Is it as delightful a smell as I am imagining? Clean and fresh?


QueenPawPaws · 26/12/2020 20:56

Never tried it Blush blind buy
I'm pretty good with perfumes and what I like now and I bought all the others without smelling them first Grin
Glossier You was another blind buy and I adore that


RudeAF · 26/12/2020 20:58

I love Glossier You as well. Oh dear 🤣


QueenPawPaws · 28/12/2020 12:22

@RudeAF it arrived today and I'm in love


mowglika · 28/12/2020 14:13

Try bloom perfumes sample packs, they do samples based on notes you already enjoy, bestsellers packs etc and most are mid/high end perfumes so will not be the usual brands you find on the high street


RudeAF · 28/12/2020 18:04

That’s good news Queen as I succumbed too and it arrives tomorrow Grin I got a sample of Beach Walk with it so am in further danger.

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