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Teal99 · 14/08/2020 20:23

Not strictly S & B but it is garment related.

Have you ever bought anything from Decathlon - what is the quality like and delivery?

OP posts:
lookatmememe · 14/08/2020 20:28

Yeah it's ok, I buy ASICS runners from there and sports bras mostly. (I go to a snobby gym so tend to stick with sweaty Betty on my top layers).

piefacedClique · 14/08/2020 20:31

I bought bikini bottoms there last week and they were fab. Will definitely but from there again

thedevilinablackdress · 14/08/2020 20:38

Generally decent quality but they have a very wide range generally cost/quality wise for each sport/activity. Cheaper stuff won't be great quality and vice versa.

thedevilinablackdress · 14/08/2020 20:39

Ok, that was garbled...
Cheaper = ok, not great.
More expensive = better.

Fruitbowlflowers · 14/08/2020 20:42

I have bought a fair bit from there, watch out for their sizing. It’s plain odd, sometimes a medium others a large. But I have 3 t-shirts I wear all the time, they get washed and tumble dried more than once a week and they are perfect.
I have a pair of leggings that are the worst I’ve ever owned.

AuntieStella · 14/08/2020 20:46

I've only bought in store, so no idea what their online delivery service is like.

But the kit itself is great. Easily the best VFM around, and it has useful things like pockets and drawstrings, and fabrics that don't go see-thru

The running shorts, capris and full length tights are fabulous.

T shirts sometimes come up a bit small

NotMeNoNo · 14/08/2020 21:04

Decathlon are fantastic, you see everyone wearing their sportswear in France. The very cheap £3 t shirts are obviously made to a price point but they aren't rubbish.

Landlubber2019 · 14/08/2020 21:06

Bought kids school coats years ago and they are still going strong!

BillywigSting · 14/08/2020 21:10

Bought some ski stuff from there last year (happen to have one within walking distance) and it was really excellent.

Have also bought some running stuff at a very reasonable price that's held up well and a bike that I'm pretty happy with

TeaAndHobnob · 14/08/2020 21:11

Very good value imo. I have stuff I've worn 3x a week for months that still looks new.

LifeInAHamsterWheel · 14/08/2020 21:13

Absolutely love their sportswear, for the whole family. Running tights have a zip pocket on the thigh that my iPhone & fits easily into so this makes me very happy! Shorts, T-shirt's, swimwear, horse riding gear it's all really good and fantastic value for money IMO

pinkbalconyrailing · 14/08/2020 21:15

good value for many things. but they also have cheap shit.
sizes come up quite small.
I have a few great sports bras from there and swimming gear.

TrickyLicky · 15/08/2020 09:08

I have a couple of pairs of running leggings from there, running socks and t-shirts. Great value, wash fine and no issues with delivery. I like that the leggings have a pocket for my phone and mesh panels for breathability.

Stumpedasatree · 15/08/2020 13:34

Fantastic for our family: we buy a range of stuff online, running gear is excellent (and I've tried most brands!), the seam free knickers which I wear all the time, running shoes, sandals, trainers, football kit, UV tops and clothes for the DC all great.

bookmum08 · 15/08/2020 13:35

The only issue I have found is their sizes can be a bit confusing.

pontiouspilates · 15/08/2020 13:37

I agree with PP that sizing is bonkers, so do try on. I love their running leggings, good quality, you are not forever yanking them up and big zippy pockets to hold phone etc.

Nettersrunboulder86 · 15/08/2020 15:25

I recently bought some running stuff online. I’m a size 12 and bought things listed on the website as a Large which apparently is a 12 or 12-14. I got things ranging from a 14 to an 18! All apparently a L. Only buy if you can try on!

nettytree · 15/08/2020 15:37

I like decathlon stuff. But I don't have one near me now. Used to go to the one on purley way, but hated the fact that people used to dump their kids in there when shopping in sainsburys next door.

Jumbojem · 15/08/2020 16:56

Love decathlon, we are a sporty family and almost all our sports wear and equipment is decathlon. Plus a lot of our camping equipment. My nearest one is about 2 hours drive so I'm a frequent online orderer. Delivery is fine, although I tend to do click and collect at my local Asda.
Agree re sizes, but I find adults ok (I'm a 12 and usually get a medium, but they def don't vanity size!) . Kids - I usually size up, my very skinny 9 year old easily fitted the age 12 swim trunks. The school pe top I bought in his size is snug, the one for the age above is the perfect fit.

Countmeout · 15/08/2020 18:29

I bought some excercise things during lockdown. I found the sizing less than generous and the postage was ridiculous. Less than impressed.

Teal99 · 15/08/2020 18:50

Mmm. Mixed views especially about sizing. I would be buying online, not sure I can be bothered. Thanks anyway.

OP posts:
Theyweretheworstoftimes · 15/08/2020 19:07

I got a running vest from Decathlon in 2013 and it's only just started coming apart.

I run most days so that's lasted a long time!


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