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How do you select someone to administer botox or fillers?

AlexChitChatting · 18/06/2020 15:18

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking of having botox/hyaluronic acid/fillers for a while to address 11s, fine lines and other minor things on my face that I'm unhappy with.

I am 48, have olive skin, and have a fairly good skincare regime. I am not interested in trying more serums or potions. I'm really keen on trying the more drastic route.

What I don't know however is how to best find a suitable place where I can get this done (I'm not far from London so London is an easy option - but too much choice?). Dermatologist? Private hospital? Nurse? Dentist? I'd love to hear from people who have had any of these done to get their thoughts on how they went about finding someone and what they think of the results. Thank you.

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