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Can you tell me what are your essentials or basic clothes?

overweightcat · 17/06/2020 19:12

Currently in the process of loosing weight and don't want to jinx myself but I'm close to my target.

I haven't invested much in clothing over the last few years particularly because I disliked how the clothes I liked looked on me (2 stone overweight and short).

I would like to start putting together a wish list of pieces I want to gradually buy once I hit the weight I hope to maintain.
I'd like to create a basics wardrobe first so classic or plainer clothes that all go together and don't need too much thinking to put together to which I can then go ahead and slowly add some nicer investment pieces (jackets/shoes - I have an eye on some dr martens) or some trendy ones to accessorise.

Any recommendations very appreciated!

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Judystilldreamsofhorses · 17/06/2020 20:37

I think it really depends on what your lifestyle is like, as well as your size/shape. Plus your budget, obviously.Can you tell us?

Usually I work as a lecturer (still do, but from my kitchen!) in a creative subject, at weekends I meet friends for lunch/shopping, and DP and I go for meals at fairly casual places - eg, tapas. I walk everywhere, but don’t do any sports, so don’t need gym stuff. I’m 5ft 6, and a size 10.

My basics would be along the lines of:

Jeans - blue and black. I like barrel leg shape, or Levi’s 501s
Wide leg cropped trousers - I like Cos for these
Striped long sleeved tops - I like Cos or Monki
Midi skirt - again, Monki
Crew necked t-shirts - I like slogans and prints, and favour Topshop
V-necked cardi - I like Arket
Crew-necked jumpers - I like the M&S merino ones, but always hear good things about Uniqlo
Midi dress - H&M and Zara do good ones, and Warehouse was always a favourite here
Denim jacket - I have a dark and a light blue one, both from Topshop
Trainers - black leather and white leather. I like Stan Smith and Veja
Boots - flat Chelsea boots or DMs
Leather jacket - far more of an investment! Mine is from Whistles
Leather cross-body bag - I have a great one from Jigsaw in an oxblood colour, which goes with everything

That list would keep me going until about September when it gets colder - but it’s very much my list. If you are a big gym goer or go on loads of fancy nights out, yours will be very different!

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tempnamechange98765 · 17/06/2020 21:26

Well done on your weight loss!

Agree with the above and especially about work clothes. When not in lockdown I prefer to wear dresses to work these so I have a few cheap but pretty ones, mainly from Stravidarius/New Look, plus plenty of tights.

On casual days I always wear:

  • skinny jeans or dungarees, I have had Levi's in the past and loved them but they're just not as long lasting as they should be for the price (DH finds the same!) so I tend to just buy cheapies from New Look or Topshop.
  • t shirts or long sleeve tops, I prefer to buy decent quality cotton so Joules or Fat Face, I also have plenty of H&M and Zara
  • "nicer" tops, frilly or floral, usually from Oasis or Zara
  • trainers, converse or Adidas gazelles/occasionally ballet flats

    I don't have many going out clothes at all as I have two small DC and don't go on nights out much!

    I do workout/go to the gym (pre lockdown). The best gym bottoms are Fabletics.
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overweightcat · 17/06/2020 21:51

Thanks for the replies!
I'm late 20s 5'5" and going to hopefully be around a size 10 when I start buying.

I WFH and have 2 DC so will (hopefully soon) be doing plenty of school runs and extra curriculars so some not too dressy but nice and put together stuff would be nice.

We sometimes socialise with couples that are quite fashionable and well groomed so would like something to fit in there Grin

Also looking for loungewear/casual comfy clothes (not jeans) that can double up as shopping/school run gear but still look nice and not like pyjamas.

I have workout clothes and will be buying that separately from my main wardrobe anyway.

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mrslebon · 17/06/2020 23:12

Check out YStyleIreland on Instagram. She has a highlight saved of her capsule wardrobe which might be useful. Her style is quite pretty and feminine so may not interest you if you are more edgy.

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Pipandmum · 17/06/2020 23:42

I always think of Jackie Collin's advice: you figure out your uniform and stick with it. For her it was black base layer then a blazer - often leopard print! I'm a bit bulky on top and have long legs, and dont like showing my upper arms. I like a black base later too; sleeveless t and skirt or black jeggings or long black dress. Then depending on season I wear a long line cardi or long open shirt (plain or patterned, often linen) or kimono style jacket on top. Classic denim jacket looks good over long too. Key is to have volume only on one part - if skirt is full, then fitted top half and vice versa. Flat sandals in summer, ankle boots in winter. Ballet style flats in between. I dress the outfits up with a selection of scarves and jewelry.
For simplicity I only wear black or skin tone underwear.

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