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I need to hoist up my boobs. What do you suggest?

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HelloAgainYou · 26/11/2019 20:35


Have a works do next week and have bought a lovely dress but it has a plunged back. What's the best way to hoist my DDs? A backless all in one or those tape thingies? I'm also a size 16-18.

If you have any recos could you please provide links if you can?!

Thank you so much!

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HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 20:30


OP posts:
GoFiguire · 27/11/2019 20:38

Your Darling Daughters? Confused

WisestIsShe · 27/11/2019 20:42

If it's just low at the back you can get a strap which can be used with any bra. here
I used it when I got married on a tiny budget and it was great.

Ringsender2 · 27/11/2019 20:44


Bravissimo or Figleaves websites. Freya, panache brands.

No idea about what type of bra. Hopefully a "bra interventionist" will be along soon!

TheJoxter · 27/11/2019 20:45

Her size DD boobs, it makes perfect sense in context.

FavouriteSoul · 27/11/2019 20:48

I got some of those stick on things that lift your boobs with no need for a bra. Still wincing at the pain removing the buggers Grin

HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 21:40

Thanks @TheJoxter. Yes, I meant my boobs. Sorry have no experience in this space so I was looking for some advice Grin

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HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 21:41

@FavouriteSoul did it work well? What brand did you use? The reviews I've seen on some haven't been great. I wonder if they'd work on such large boobs

OP posts:
boredboredboredboredbored · 27/11/2019 21:42

Have a look at perky pear ideal for larger breasts too Smile

PeterRouseTheFleshofMankind · 27/11/2019 21:56

I got some bra lift tape thingies off ebay - they are sort of crescent shaped and then you stick them on above your nipple and lift. They also came with nipple covers.

I haven't worn them out yet, but I have tried them. They seem pretty good, but then only problem is I must have quite saggy tits as when I hoisted them up there was an actual fold above my nipple Blush

I don't think this was the actually seller but I bought ones exactly like these.

FavouriteSoul · 27/11/2019 22:04


Mine were from Ann Summers.

HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 22:12

Thanks ladies. I might buy some options. Slightly nervous the sticky things won't work and I'll end up having to throw each boob over a shoulder Confused

OP posts:
yearinyearout · 27/11/2019 22:15

Duck tape apparently works.

FavouriteSoul · 27/11/2019 22:24

Any kind of heavy duty tape will work but you need to get VERY drunk before taking it off because it hurts.

Mumdiva99 · 27/11/2019 22:30

Do not duct tape them.....someone I once knew......did it to her boobs for a uni event once... She had blisters and sores after taking the tape off that night. i've never felt pain like it even when drunk She it hurt a bit.

I would look at a multiway bra, or a low back bustier - often found in wedding underwear sections. This sort of thing with boning in Dominique Low Back Bustier Style Bridal Basque, White, 34D

HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 23:42

Thanks @Mumdiva99 I worry with a bustier type contraction you'll see the back on a plunge back dress if that makes sense?

OP posts:
HelloAgainYou · 27/11/2019 23:43


Apologies just had a g&t (long day)

OP posts:
Lellochip · 27/11/2019 23:51

I've worn perky pear tapes (32f) and they were surprisingly supportive. They're not cheap and you have to be careful to get them on in the right place first time, but for when you've got a dress that just won't work with a bra they're well worth it. Good lift and they stay put.

Also bought some reusable ones (if you search for 'rabbit ear bra' on eBay, Amazon etc there's loads) These are cheaper and you can wear more than once, don't feel they lift quite as well as the perky pear though, and not worn properly yet so can't confirm they last out a night. For the price might be worth trying first though?

StarlightLady · 28/11/2019 07:45

OP, how low is the back?

Floralmoral · 28/11/2019 07:49

I second perky pear. I’m 36H and they still work! Very supportive even on my gigantic boobage. Like pp said, you need to make sure you get them on right the first time but once you do, they’re fab.

HelloAgainYou · 28/11/2019 08:45

@StarlightLady to the smalls of the back. I've just bought it so haven't tried it on.

I'm going to google Perky Pear. If they're reusable they'll be worth the investment?

OP posts:
StarlightLady · 28/11/2019 10:02

OP, for starters, you need to try on without a bra to see how the land lies, so to speak.

You might want to consider a backless body, but go careful in choosing, some have an annoying bra style strap at the back, which defeats the object.

They range from around £10 to £150(!); not suggesting the latter! There are lots available on line but it’s best if you look in a shop. Most have crotch fastenings (otherwise you have to more or less strip off to go for a wee!) and some are easier to undo/do up than others; fasteners vary from hook and eye, velcro to poppers. I had one a while back when, in my 40s, l deflowered myself all over again trying to do it up. Grin

thetardis · 28/11/2019 10:09

backless dresses end up in the sales a lot for a reason...

Lellochip · 28/11/2019 12:24

HelloAgainYou Perky Pear aren't reusable, the material is similar to a giant plaster, so once it's been removed it's no good

StarlightLady · 28/11/2019 14:42

Sounds more like a substitute for a wax rather than a bra substitute.

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