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Recommend a tape to use instead of a backless bra?

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SlipperOrchid · 22/06/2019 22:45

I have been reading a lot about taping breasts instead of trying to find a backless bra for my DD chest. I have been reviewing some online but I'm uncertain as to whether some of the reviews are genuine, many have affiliate links which suggests they are going to have positive reviews regardless of whether they work or not.

I have seen a very lovely dress but it needs to be worn without a bra or with a strapless bra. I have never found a bra that works and thought maybe tape would.?

Is my desperation to buy this dress something I need to knock on the head and accept that if I buy it, it will languish forever unworn in my wardrobe or could it be possible that taping could work?

If so, could anyone recommend any for me? I have read that the Boots one is not good for my size. Bridal shops have been recommended but maybe there is somewhere else I could buy some?

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Lucked · 22/06/2019 23:06

It would need to be wide and have some stretch. We actually use one at work which I think would be good but I don’t know the brand/ name. This on amazon isn’t the same but looks like it might do. Or one of the sports kinesiology tape which stay but on athletes despite sweat and a lot of movement.

SlipperOrchid · 22/06/2019 23:36

Thank you Lucked. I didn't realise thats what it was!

I was looking at something like this

Wouldn't the one you posted hurt quite a lot when I was removing it? Would I wear some sort of pad over the nipple area?

OP posts:
Jimjamjooney · 22/06/2019 23:46

I would recommend perky pear 1000 times over!

Super sticky and really holds the girls up. I would suggest sizing down tbh if your breasts are still firm as they are quite big. Or you can try the mini lifts.

Lucked · 23/06/2019 00:36

Well I would put a cotton pad over the nipple but it must be okay if athletes are putting it on and pulling it off again.

The perky pear stuff works out at £8 a wear (unless they can be used more than once) which would be fine if you only wear it a couple of times a year, which is probably the case with my posher frocks.

LittleAndOften · 23/06/2019 00:39

I wore tit tape under a strapless ballgown once. It worked fine but getting it off afterwards was horrific, like it was taking my actual skin with it! It left red welts on my skin for days.

Approach with caution.

Lellochip · 23/06/2019 00:44

I've used Perky Pear before too, and they're great for special occasions, though a bit pricey. They do sell nipple covers too I think but removal is not bad. I'm an F cup and the support was great.

SlipperOrchid · 23/06/2019 01:30

Do the Perky Pear stick on quite high? The dress is a straight line above my chest (no bleached on display) but the PP looks like they come up quite high.

The tape scares me a bit. Athletes do not have the fat tissue I definitely have. I notice when I diet, my chest size reduces so it’s definitely fat tissue.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered the dress.

OP posts:
SlipperOrchid · 23/06/2019 01:31

Bleached? I meant cleavage. Autocorrect :-(

OP posts:
Lellochip · 23/06/2019 10:05

The normal ones come up close to collar bones I think, they do have a couple of different shapes though. The bandeau ones might do the trick.

Jimjamjooney · 23/06/2019 15:21

Yes the perky pears can come up high which was I suggested either sizing down or trying the mini lifts if you don't need much lift :) They are quite pricey and single use only but I only use them wjen I really qant to look like a knockout Grin

SlipperOrchid · 23/06/2019 18:03

Oh I definitely need support so I’m not sure the mini ones would help. The dress has a straight line above my chest ie above where cleavage usually shows. I don t know if they will still come up too high?

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