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Can anyone recommend good breastfeeding tops?

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Browniee · 21/05/2019 15:38

Where can I buy nice breastfeeding tops to wear when I’m out and about?

I’ve got a couple in different colours from Amazon (Smallshow) which are great and a good price but I’m hoping to feed for the next 6 months so wanting some different styles! Thanks ☺️

OP posts:
Cookit · 21/05/2019 15:44

Are you a member of Can I Breastfeed In This? on Facebook?

stucknoue · 21/05/2019 16:13

Use any loose top, I found the "proper" ones less discrete! Double top arrangements work best when discretion is essential eg top and cardigan

Browniee · 21/05/2019 16:38

Just had a look at their website @Cookit - thank you! Great resource!! Hopefully some of the tops and dresses will also hide my post-birth mum tum too! 😎

OP posts:
LaDameAuxLicornes · 21/05/2019 19:40

The one up, one down method (for me this basically means any of my usual tops plus a cheap Primark cami underneath that I don't mind stretching out of shape) works well, and means you're not stuck in breastfeeding-specific clothes all the time.

For the post-birth weeks when I was still losing weight I wore ones from Jojo that were maternity/breastfeeding friendly, so hid my still-recovering midriff a bit!

HickoryDickoryDot · 21/05/2019 21:37

Definitely one up one down method so you can wear normal clothes. I also find a crop top great for underneath shirts or shirt dresses so can still do one up one down, or more one to the side!

There are specific vests that are good for this, like the Bshirt and Breastvest. Hot Milk and Elomi also have great flexi-wire nursing bras once your supply has settled. Smile

Shelley54 · 21/05/2019 21:51

I’ve just passed the one year mark with DS2 and I don’t have any special tops.

CaptainWentworth · 21/05/2019 22:05

I can’t get on with one up, one down- hate stretching things out of shape even if they are cheap, and I don’t like layering 2 tops- I do wear a cardigan over everything though!

I’ve found H&M good for cheap ish short sleeved and sleeveless tops (the 2 packs - find them online if they don’t have any in your local store). Also Chico Jacks (invisible zip straight across the front- they are the easiest for one handed access with a wriggling baby) and Milky Tee Company (quite expensive and need 2 hands to use but look exactly like a normal t shirt, which is appreciated at the moment - no Breton stripes for once!)

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