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Can I straighten my hair after applying dry shampoo?

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MeadowHay · 19/03/2019 10:51

Or will this set my hair on fire as dry shampoo is flammable...? The other day I straightened my hair and then applied the dry shampoo afterwards however this morning I put dry shampoo on quickly to drop DD off at nursery, I would like to quickly restraighten my hair before work but dunno if that would be dangerous...?

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AliceRR · 19/03/2019 10:53

I’ve done it before

It’s not ideal in terms of the finish you might get but can’t imagine your hair would set in fire

You could brush it out before you straighten if worried and I would have thought it’d be fine

1Redacted1 · 19/03/2019 10:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

honeycrumpet · 19/03/2019 12:24

They put warnings on the can because it's an aerosol and highly pressurized, meaning that the can could explode if you leave it in the sun. The powder itself I don't think is flammable, so once it's on your hair you should be fine to straighten it.

MeadowHay · 19/03/2019 20:00

Me and my hair both survived Wink. Thanks!

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