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Reaction to hair dye alternatives

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PenguinPandas · 04/01/2019 05:23

Tried a few at home hair dyes and all when test them make me get small red spots by ears, I presume this is an allergic reaction.

Got a few grey hairs would like to make brown. Is there anything I can use? Would going to hairdressers help or same issue? Thanks, am completely clueless about these types of things, have been lucky not to get more by now.

OP posts:
Itssosunnyout · 04/01/2019 05:53

I had this issue when pregnant
I ended up having my hair dyed at a hairdressers instead after having the patch tests.

The dye that didn't react was by davines which is gentle but does cover greys. My regrowth is pure white at the front in my parting.

I read on forums about people buying a dye from Holland and Barrett so you could also maybe test that.

PenguinPandas · 04/01/2019 07:07

Thanks very much, good to know a hairdresser can do something.

Will try Holland and Barrett too.

OP posts:
Auldspinster · 04/01/2019 07:49

Indigo mixed with henna would work.

Itssosunnyout · 04/01/2019 08:06

See what they charge for just the front regrowth too with no blow dry if you want to make it much more affordable. Its the only way I can get my hair done.

ChristmasAccountant · 04/01/2019 08:09

Also allergic and have yet to find anything I don’t react to. I have used the spray hair make up things which cover the greys but not a permanent solution obviously.
Be interested to hear if you find something!

Lala503 · 04/01/2019 08:17

Hi- I'm quite severely allergic to hair dyes (the chemicals in them called PPDs).

For years I had no option but henna/indigo which doesn't work that well and didn't cover my greys properly.

A while back Wella, who had done a lot of research into this as it's becoming more common, brought out a proper non PPD hair dye SmileSmile

It's called Koleston perfect innosense- there are salons that do it (can google them) but I actually buy it from Amazon and do it myself.

It's worked perfectly for me, no reaction at all!

PenguinPandas · 04/01/2019 08:29

Thanks very much. Will get looking for these, have just been doing a bodge job for years of just putting a bit of a creme on I am less allergic too but started to notice more grey. Must have said a fortune on hairdressers but not a professional look Grin

OP posts:
Flannelled · 04/01/2019 08:44

Different dyes have different ingredients. I can't use hone dyes but can use some hairdresser dye. I always, always get a patch test at HDs even though they've used the same dye for years.

I let my grey grow out but it was so patchy it looked a mess.

As poster Auldspinster says you can use henna and add indigo to it. I did that for a while and to start with loved the result (henna by itself was too orange for me once my greys got to a certain point) but if you build indigo up, it goes black and I found it too difficult to just do the roots.

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