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Legs that are white to the point of near transparency

23 replies

faithinthesound · 04/01/2019 04:34

My legs are white.

I've got extremely fair skin, and sometimes it feels like if I even SAY "out in the sun" I frizzle like a fritter.

But I'd like to tan, just a little. Enough so that my legs are skin color as opposed to ghost color. Anyone got any tips?

I want to do it naturally as opposed to fake tan lotions or spray tan, because I'm historically terrible at applying them and end up making things look ten times worse. Right now I'm going out in the sun deliberately for about ten minutes two or three times a day, hoping that gradual exposure will build up a little color.

Y'all are British, surely there's at least a handful of you in the same or a similar boat Wink (lol no disrespect I swear).

Any tips or tricks gratefully received.

OP posts:
FortunesFave · 04/01/2019 05:58

As a fellow whiter than white woman, I'd like to encourage you to embrace your skin as it is.

Dita Von Teese does.

IWouldLikeToKnow · 04/01/2019 06:39

Am Irish and have ridiculously white skin. My legs have never tanned naturally. I spent 4 months in Africa a number of years back and whilst my face and arms had a reasonable tan (for me), my legs came home just as white as they went!
I have used St Tropez in shower gradual tan a few times with reasonably good results. It's really light and just takes a away the starkness. And very easy to use. I have also, just recently, used Tan Organics oil a few times. It's a nice colour but not as forgiving with mistakes.

Greyhound22 · 04/01/2019 07:24

This is good. I followed advice and got the green one even though I am super pale there isn't lots of colour to it but it takes the edge off.

I think it's the only thing that will do it. Any sun exposure where your skin changes colour is skin damage so isn't worth the risk imo.

I do admire people who rock it - I think pale skin is fabulous - as are all skin tones we have just been told it's 'wrong'. A couple of years ago a woman at work walked past and said 'need a bit of fake tan on them Greyhound'. I didn't say anything at the time but actually it's really offensive isn't it!

But I do have quite 'corned beefy' legs and I find this takes the edge off.

MawkishTwaddle · 04/01/2019 07:29

I second the Isle of Paradise tanning water.

My legs are whiter than white (I’m ginger) and annoyingly for some reason fake tan doesn’t usually take on my shins, even with all the exfoliating, moisturising prep you have to do. I’m also a numpty with applying it - always get streaks.

But even I can use the tanning water. I’m going on holiday in a month so I’ll be all over the stuff before I go.

In fact, thanks for this thread - you’ve reminded me to get some!

vinegarqueen · 04/01/2019 08:03

More votes for Isle of Paradise. I use the drops mixed with Norwegian Formula moisturizer, (about 8 pink drops to a tablespoon of NF) but recommend the green water if you can't be bothered to mess about patch testing. It takes the edge off and makes your legs look as if they have had equal sunshine to your arms, iyswim. I have super white skin, too and do my best to keep it that way, but when it's super sunny I do have a bit of freckle/”tan” on my arms and face and my legs look very mismatched sometimes!

faithinthesound · 05/01/2019 08:01

This looks so good! But will they ship to New Zealand?

OP posts:
SergeantPfeffer · 05/01/2019 08:08

I use the gradual tanning moisturisers like Dove as you can build them up if you want to but they’re otherwise quite light. The Dita Von teese look is great in your twenties, not so much as you age as a tan hides spider veins, blotchiness etc that appear with age.

TheMythicalChicken · 05/01/2019 08:13

faithinthesound, if you’re in NZ, you should give this one a try. It’s nice and light and also organic, etc. It’s from an Aussie company and I’m sure they ship to NZ.

HildaZelda · 05/01/2019 12:01

The Dita Von Teese look is great in your twenties, not so much as you age

But Dita's 46 herself.

winsinbin · 05/01/2019 12:57

My parents are Irish and I have classic Irish skin that’s so fair my legs actually look blue. I find the gradual tan body lotions are very effective but I have to use a normal lotion on my knees and feet first or they soak up to much of the gradual tan and go orange.

EnidButton · 05/01/2019 13:20

The Dita Von teese look is great in your twenties, not so much as you age


I'm incredibly pale and gave up trying to tan years ago. Natural tanning just caused slight redness and some skin damage with barely any colour change and faux tans all look dirty on me no matter which formula or brand I used. They're all too warm. Plus the biscuits and popcorn weird smell is very strong on me. I was only doing it to please others who seem to find very pale skin offensive to their eyes. 🙄

So now I go with it and I like it. I'd say stick with fake tanning rather than natural. You can't tan naturally without some sun damage and legs usually take the longest. The tan itself is your skin trying to defend itself.

Lucked · 05/01/2019 13:45

DVT is porcelain with perfect and shapely legs not everyone who is pale is so blessed

Lucked · 05/01/2019 13:48

I don’t mean that anyone who isn’t perfect should wear fake tan but that different strokes for different folkes and the OP shouldn’t be slated for fake tan.

Dimsumlosesum · 05/01/2019 13:50

I'm not snow white but I am very see-through! I second the pp about dove gradual tanning moisturizers, they've been a god send, and very easy to use.

Bebe03 · 05/01/2019 13:52

Five gradual tanner in light to medium is very subtle, can build the colour or apply less frequently for a light shade. Doesn’t show up marks & doesn’t have that offensive biscuity smell, so easy to apply (just as normal moisturiser) but will stain hands so use gloves!

Bebe03 · 05/01/2019 13:52

That should say dove gradual tanner!

Racecardriver · 05/01/2019 13:55

Eat lots of carrots. It works (I swear). My grandfather was a chemist and isolated a compound in carrots which causes skin to self tan. My father (who has peaches and cream skin) on my grandfathers advice started binge eating carrots at developed a slight tan.

Lucked · 05/01/2019 13:56

I use dove too but prefer to use the darker shade as it has browner tones, I think the paler shade it is meant to give a golden colour but it always looks a fake on me. I don’t normally do more than two days in a row of the darker shade

florriepeck · 05/01/2019 13:57

You could try a salon spray tan in a fair tone, then you won't need to worry about application skills, as it's done for you.

Lucked · 05/01/2019 13:58

racecardriver the palms of your hands and soles of your feet will also turn orange. You can see this is babies who are been weaned on puréed foods predominantly containing carrots

darlingShelby · 05/01/2019 14:30

You don’t need a tan op
What l imagine you don’t like, is the blue tone that ( fair skin) sometimes has.
If you use a gentle self tanner it will take the edge off and leave your beautiful fair skin still there.

darlingShelby · 05/01/2019 14:31

Just twice a week will do it!


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SergeantPfeffer · 05/01/2019 16:22

I was talking about myself in terms of age! Used to have no qualms about my getting my pasty legs out but now they look like corned beef, not so much! If you don’t suffer from thread veins, cellulite and blotchiness or are happy to brazen it out then do it, but saying that you should do it because dita von teese (who, regardless of age is minted and literally dedicates her life to looking good) does is not helpful after a certain point.

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